Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bricklaying is easy as pie.

Easier, actually. I can make biscuits like nobody's business, but that pastry crust thing has always eluded me. I rest the dough, refrigerate it, use lard instead of butter, it doesn't matter. Can't do it.

The kind of bricklaying I'm doing now is the easiest of all, for two reasons. First, it's dry paving. *Dry,* in masonry work, means you don't use mortar. So all I'm doing is putting bricks on top of smoothed sand. Simple as can be.

Easier yet? I'm not building anything new. The bricks and most of the sand are already in place. I'm just picking up my old porch and patio to make them into a smooth ramp, where before there were a couple of small steps in there.

So the only work involved is getting more sand - which we have in abundance in our back yards here - and picking up and relaying the bricks.


I should really do this up right, and show you before and after pix, in nice Order of Doing...but I'm so busy taking advantage of every non-raining moment, I'll have to let you into the story right in the middle. I'll try to keep it unconfusing!

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