Friday, September 15, 2006

Ghost Dragon Bones

I sold one of my little sweethearts yesterday. A collector type customer drops by from time to time and covets my rarities. This was one.

Euphorbia lacteas make wonderful bizarre shapes, which I adore. The rare white form is just stunning. The little tiny round white things on the ends of what look like thorns? Those are leaves.
They're so cute! they just crack me up.

This cruciform shape is pretty on its own. But the way this guy curled and then sprung new growth on his *arms* makes it look to me like he's dancing. A very happy looking plant. Why I took pix from all angles, to show you how he dances.

I know he'll go to a good home. But I'll miss him. He was special.

But...I got $40 for an 8-10" plant. I got the big mother plant for free, as a rescue, and I have another big freebie now, that one a gift from a neighbor who moved away.

Several babes, none quite as great as this, but fine. They fell off the parent plants as I was moving them around. So I let them dry a bit, stuck them in a pot, and then did nothing else whatsoever to them.

I didn't water, feed, anything.

That's what they like down here.

So even though I'll miss him, I did well
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Desert Cat said...

Forty bucks for a li'l cactus slip, I'll say!

k said...

Yeah. I sold one of his little baby brothers for $15 about a year ago.

I can't do volume, or retail. A rare sale of a rare plant here and there is juuuust right for me.

Not a cactus, however. Euphorbs are related but different. The minute that poisonous sap hits your skin you know why.

pepektheassassin said...

You're right, this baby IS dancing! Hi, k, your bricks look FINE! (My son, when he lived in NY used to have a Dancing Mailbox outside his apartment building. Sometime I should post a photo of it). We are getting acquainted with our new grandson who is every inch of him WONDERFUL. Be back bext week....

Pepek :)

k said...

You're still out doing the Festivities of the New Baby? Somehow I thought you'd come back home already. Lucky family you have!

Me, I never had any kids of my own, but I've certainly heard enough from others to know that having you there, right now, is hugely appreciated and valued by that new mom. And lots of others around her, too.

Nice work if you can get it, huh?