Sunday, September 17, 2006

That Scooter Rides. Yes it Does.

Lest we forget: The purpose of the exercise, all along, was the scooter.

Specifically, being able to drive it in and out of the house without having to hump it over those two steps leading into the house.

My lovely neighbor BB uses a golf cart. She's been watching the bricklaying festivities with interest. Not to mention, she spotted my black mica rock glowing like diamonds in the sunshine all the way from her place a few days ago - which stuff really floats my boat. She's sort of *kitty corner once removed* to me.

So I wanted her to be here for this. I sent the following email:

~You are hereby cordially invited to witness the Inaugural Test Drive of the k ranch Scooter on its Newly Refurbished and Reconfigured Brick Patio and Front Porch.~

She came, she saw, I conquered.

The scooter conquered, I mean.


Oh yes, it worked beautifully.

She sat in her golf cart, and me on my scooter, taking off for tiny joyrides here and there, circling around her like Indians around a wagon train. I ramped it up to full speed and went flying up the steepest part of the incline on the decorative spiral. I almost popped a wheelie, that time.


The only thing I'll have to watch for is this: When I'm backing out the front door and doing a 3-point turn, I MUST turn first to my right, not my left. *Right* means I back over the bricks on the front porch. *Left* means I may accidentally go too far, and go over this little sidestep of bricks leading into the carport. That would SO not be good.

I'm just ecstatic.

BB ran out of bird seed during my long focus on bricklaying and/or convalescence. Her nephew could bring her some, but I try to keep her supplied from Sam's, where it's seriously cheaper. So I picked up a nice big 40# bag yesterday. Her hungry doves and blue jays and what-all are probably lined up on her driveway right now, waiting for her to get up, looking all pitiful and mournful - *But where's our breakfast? don't you love us any more?*

And she'll see one of my happiest uses for a scooter: hauling Important Stuff around. Posted by Picasa


Jean said...

very nice work, k!

k said...

Thank you, Jean!

I get such a ridiculous amount of fun out of this stuff.

Nancy said...


How'dja feel about coming to Texas for a few days/weeks and uhmmm supervising from an up close and personal way to fix a possible problem in access to my backyard??

oh, and uhmm You could bring any plant friends you have laying around that might need a nice shady backyard or sunny front yard to live in...

I'm just say'n.........