Thursday, October 26, 2006


I've been deflowered by LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LL said...

And it was so much fun doing it too!!

Livey said...

Huh? I missed it!

k said...

She found my button.

And she hit it.

It was a virgin.

Cindi said...

Okay, I guess this will remain a mystery to me! I clicked the link and can't find anything about you being "deflowered" and then I check these comments and I am even more confused by your last comment above. Is it a riddle? Oh darn, I hate being a curious person!

prettylady said...

Pretty Lady DEMANDS the story. Please. She has No Secrets from her fans. Well, not too many, at any rate. ;-)

Livey said...

Oh I get it, she blog rolled ya right?

k said...

What? She blogrolled ME? Hold on a nimmit.

k said...

Holy smokes! There it is!

Thank you, LL!

Oh boy.

I really must learn how to make a blogroll.

LL said...

hahahaha, K, you are so evil to leave these poor readers hanging!!

And yes, you've been on there for a while. ;-)

prettylady said...

Hey, I blogrolled you, too.

k said...

Gracious! So you did!

Well thank you.

heh heh! Boy. And here I thought I wasn't gettin' any.

Sitting around with one's feet in the air? Is this inspirational perhaps?

k said...

Cindi, as another curious person, I understand exactly how you feel. I was just having too much fun deviling everyone there for a while.

Now I'm properly ashamed of myself and have spelled it all out in black and white, in the 8Born Again Virgin* post above.

Because I'd just hate it if you ever tried to stop being curious!

Cindi said...

Curious as a cat...that's me! Lordy, I was thinking all kinds of things and trying to go by your "clues" don't EVEN want to know where my mind went!

You have been on my blogroll for quite some time too! I set up my blogroll with and it was really easy and I am not computer savvy. I wish I could figure out how to put my email address up on my sidebar though.

k said...

But are you a 'phobe? There are things in my life I'm not savvy on, but I get by okay, since I'm not actually intimidated by them. For me, computer stuff is different. It's really difficult for me, for real.

But...slowly but surely I'm overcoming parts of it at least.

Cindi said...

No, I guess I would have to say I am not phobic about it. Do you mean you are afraid if you click on the wrong button or something that it will all go *poof*? I am a bit phobic I guess about attempting any html coding though.

My mother bought her first computer 4 years ago and she is slowly coming along. I remember when she first learned how to copy and paste and she was so excited. I remember learning how to do that myself after I got my first computer and it is thrilling to learn new things on this contraption.

The first time I tried to set up a blog I was so concerned with wanting all the bells and whistles that everyone else had and it just seemed so confusing to me. I remember seeing a few readers of Gutrumbles announcing in his comments their brand new entry into blogland and when I saw their blogs with all the neat stuff on their sidebars,graphics and backgrounds etc. I wondered how on earth they learned how to do all that so fast. I ended up deleting that first blog. This go around I decided I don't need to be in such a hurry to have it looking "cool" and well put together. I started to worry that I was too boring and insignificant but then I decided to just blog for myself or sort of like I am talking to a new friend.

k said...

Yeah, I get so I'm afraid to touch keys, absolutely. I pay special attention to living with as little stress in my life as I can - so knowing I'm a phobe, I limit my anxiety carefully.

That means I learn computer techniques very slowly. I DO work to overcome it. I can tell when I'm okay with learning something new, and when I'm not. Walter is great with this: when I call *time,* he doesn't try to keep telling me whatever computer business we were talking about. That really helps.

And here I have a blog now! heh!

And - check it out, so do YOU!

So even though sometimes I get way tired of having such a *plain jane* type placee, still, it's easy to be patient overall. I need to do this so much.

Content, yeah. That's what it's all about in the end.