Thursday, October 26, 2006

Well, Maybe a Little...


It won't be over for a long time yet.

God bless those little caterpillars for keeping me going.


Livey said...

I'm putting your package in the mail tomorrow. I'm going shopping today. Gonna pick up some more stuff for ya. Do you get your packages in your regular mail or should I send it UPS? Email me the answer please? Hang in there, love ya!

k said...


Woman, I would tear your hide off for that if it would do any good. But you are TOO DAMN STUBBORN!

prettylady said...

Will send more Reiki.

k said...

Lord. I was just about to ask you for some.


Livey said...

Haha, I'd like to see you try to tear my hide off! Don't be mad, I went to the Dollar Store mostly and I only spent $20.
And you are worth a lot more than that to me dammit!

prettylady said...

Starting now.

k said...

After the swelling went down, did you see the muscles in those feet? Under that *stuff* I am as hard as a rock. Last I checked I could still pick up Walter, at around 200 pounds.

I couldn't throw him over my shoulder. But I could sure pick him up off the floor.

Of course, I suspect the same is true of you. And problem is...I'd have to reach you first. I CAN make myself 5' 2" if I concentrate and sort of stretch my spine up...

k said...


Thing is, I just missed the timing of your comment - I would have waited a bit on my last imbibing of pills, which was also right around 11:50.

I do feel noticeably better than I did. Let me think on how...

fever better, pain in mr foot much better, ditto mr leg; pain in ms foot better, and in body overall...

Mostly what I think I can't attribute to the meds just now is the improvement in the overall feeling of general *sickness.* That doesn't lift so fast or so far from just the meds. Especially when I miscue and have to leave out the nutritional supplements in favor of the antibiotics.


No, no, a better way to describe it is more a sense of increased well-being.

Would that make any sense to you?

K T Cat said...

I just scoped out the front page of your blog.

I love it.

You're an inspiration to me. Overcoming such adversity with good cheer and retaining the ability to see and share the beauty of the world with the rest of us is true courage.

You can be sure I'll be back.

prettylady said...

Would that make any sense to you?

Well, yes, of course. Reiki as I experience it is an intelligent energy, which will help whatever other meds you are taking work to maximum efficiency--witness the dramatic improvement with the honey.

It will go where it is most needed, and do what needs to be done on its own, without direction from me. However, as I was 'working,' I got a sense of the infection as a lot of black sooty stuff around the lower half of your body. I started visualizing taking the black stuff 'out,' first through your right leg, since it seemed a bit stronger and able to handle the flow, then through your root chakra. I focussed on strengthening your connection to the ground, so that the infection could drain out that way. I didn't get a sense that I got it all (of course), but tried to set things up so that your body's energy pathways are clearer, stronger and more grounded, so that hopefully it can clear itself of the infection progressively.

This may, of course, all be complete fantasy.

k said...

Now it's even more interesting. I've been having some problems with the right foot too, especially one bad sore on top of the foot, and another stubborn one on the inside of the heel.

I was surprised last night when the right foot also felt markedly better, also around midnight.


If it's all fantasy, of course, it's a completely harmless fantasy. This means it sits upon the *won't hurt, might help* branch of my decision tree.

The last couple of days, I've been thinking of how I've largely abandoned an approach I used to use well: harnessing and directing the power of my mind to aid in healing. Simple techniques like visualizing the healing and so forth.

I think it's time to return to that.

k said...

k t cat, welcome! And thank you for your comment. I'm honored.

You haven't seen the whiney bits yet. Believe me, they're there.

You've come across another cat lover here. Currently, I'm catless: I just lost my 22-year-old BabyCat on July 5. His mother, April, passed away three years before that, at the age of 19 1/2.

They were wonderful cats, truly exceptional. Some people get another one right away. But me, I need to wait.

So you'll be hearing some cat stories here, too.

Welcome aboard!

prettylady said...

Yes, as long as you have to sit around anyway, can't hurt to visualize all that black stuff getting hooshed away by gorgeous purple light. ;-)

k said...

Gorgeous purple light.

I like that.