Saturday, October 21, 2006

The larger red areas are pretty much throughout the foot. That's the cellulitis infection.

The little spots of red etc. are just mini-MRSA's, or the blister disease places, old scars, whatever. The pinkie toe is all purple because he was one big blister a few months ago, so now he's still scarred.

The huge swelling in the foot and ankle is partly from edema - it's hard to tell how much is due to the infection. Some, for sure, because the whole lower leg is bigger than the right one.

In any right-handed person, the right leg is usually slightly larger. For me that goes double because I limp, and the muscles in my left leg are now less developed than in the right leg.

You can see in the second photo how the redness is going up the back of the leg, but not as much on the side. Today, it's red everywhere.

Not a great comparison pic, but I think you can still tell how much bigger the left leg is than the right. Posted by Picasa

The purple bruising is always there. Some is called *staining,* some are just old bruises that never healed well. I know of a few that are a year old. They tell me that comes from the Prednisone and from the auto-immune disorders.

I keep forgetting to show my Pops my birthmark. The digital photo isn't so clear, but that mark is a perfect fish, with little fins and everything. Occasionally, I've gotten interesting reactions from certain Christians when they see that.

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