Monday, October 02, 2006

Neighbor Catches Baby Who Fell 3 Floors

With the advent of so many new grandbabies, it's nice to know there are neighbors like this around.

Oct 1, 9:45 PM EDT
Neighbor Catches Baby Who Fell 3 Floors

DENVER (AP) -- A baby girl dangling by one hand from a third-floor balcony was spared death when she fell into the arms of a neighbor who waited underneath, police said Sunday.

The 9-month-old's mother had left her with her 10- and 13-year-old brothers Saturday while she went to work, police said. The boys left the apartment, and the girl crawled through a door they had left open.

The girl was hanging over a concrete sidewalk 18 1/2 feet above the ground when neighbor Mary Bussey and her son, Brandon Bussey, noticed her, police said.

Mary Bussey waited under the child while her son ran upstairs, and the girl fell into her arms.
Officials said the baby was healthy and safe. She has been placed in the custody of the Denver Department of Social Services.

It was not immediately clear whether anyone would be charged.

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Wonder Woman said...

How horrible, and frightening!

Sad too, how these boys were obviously responsible (old enough to babysit) and now the working mother will have to prove SHE'S a capable parent.

Life isn't always fair.

Learning the lessons we're givin, thanking the Lord that everyone came out safe.

pepektheassassin said...