Monday, December 04, 2006

He Made It

He's out of surgery and he's doing very very very well.

That, per kmom, who is not given to superlatives.

So he's really doing great, then.

I can't believe how fast this went. It really was around 3 hours after all.

kmom says Walter was very very very lucky, too. He was a step away from a major heart attack.

Major. That one artery was effectively closed off. Just a tiny hair of an opening remained for any blood to get through. The other two were not much better. It sounds like they were in worse shape than the CP doc had thought from the heart cath test.

That major heart attack would probably have killed him, and killed him quick.

Finally, finally, now he has good blood flow again.

He is strong and healthy in other ways, so this surgery won't wear him down too bad.

I'm so relieved.

I've been waiting for him to have a *heart event* since I knew him, really. It runs in his family. They've had more than one baby born with major heart defects, and plenty of early fatal heart attacks on one side of his family. The other side lives forever, like mine do.

He smokes, and eats all that sausage and stuff, and since he became a driver in 2003 - as opposed to driving plus delivering furniture - he's been pretty sedentary.

OTOH? If he'd still been pushing armoires up 2 flights of stairs every other day, he probably would have had that bad heart attack by now.

He was telling me yesterday how he's lost his taste for greasy foods since knowing me. That's actually true. Oh, he used to cry at me as I skimmed the fat off the top of my soups and stews and goulashes...trimmed it out of the meats I roast...ha!

So of course, I said, --Yeah. You have, you don't love grease any more. And you like my cooking anyway! :-0 !!!

He laughed: -Yeah. I really do.

Oh, he's okay, he's going to be fine, better than he's felt in a long time I bet. Got blood again. Got a good heart again. They found the bad pipes and fixed 'em.


Livey said...


Desert Cat said...

Update on that new MRSA?

Kenny said...

Good news

pepektheassassin said...

Great news per Walter! (But I knew it would be!) Now, how are you and those little bumps...?

prettylady said...

Have been thinking about you and Walter all day. So pleased to hear that Walter is fine. Now let us get rid of those bumps.

k said...

Biopsy's tomorrow, Wednesday, at 1PM.

This is at this world-class dermatologist's, in Miami, out of Jackson Memorial. A scientist. He may tell me something just from eyeballing them, too.

Or not. Sometimes my stuff just confuses them.