Monday, December 04, 2006

So Far So Good

Walter went in right on time, a little before 9am my time.

Last night I used my CPAP machine, first night ever.

And slept so soundly I didn't wake up until after he went in for surgery.


I woke up to hear the sweetest message from him.

--Hi honey, it's Walter. It's 6:35 local time. I'm doing fine, into surgery in 10 minutes so if I don't talk to you good luck today. And you don't be upset or nervous, it doesn't seem like a big deal. So I'll talk to you when I'm able to, and if not, just call your mom and she can give you all kind of progress reports. Okay honey, bye.--

I just got one of those progress reports. Yesterday Walter said the surgery would take about 3 hours. This seemed way too little time, to me anyway. OTOH after hearing everything else that's amazing me about modern open heart surgery, maybe it was just what they do, these days.

kdad thinks he was being a little optimistic on the time, there. Not that they didn't say *3 hours* about something, but maybe it was out of context.


kmom told me they just sent a nurse or someone down to talk to her. Everything's going fine but it'll be a few more hours until they're done.

So even though that doubles the estimated time for surgery, kmom and kdad said there's nothing wrong with it at all, not to worry, doesn't mean a thing.


I'm fine.

Now that Walter can't get to a computer, I can also say this: The ID doc is squeezing me in at 1:30 today. It looks like I've got another internal MRSA infection, this one in my right arm. I'm guessing it's a lymph node and it's going up the lymphatic vessel because it's popping more little lumps up my arm. It started Friday night. It always likes to pull shit over the weekend so I can't get it taken care of in a more timely manner.

My ID doc's office hours are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I can't hold off until Wednesday. So today it must be done.

Of all days.

Well. It'll help me pass the time.

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Livey said...

shit I missed this post somehow! Hope everything is ok, let us know hun. Love ya!