Wednesday, January 24, 2007

He's BACK!

Walrilla is back home, and he sounds wonderful. Oh, I'm SO glad I can't stand it!

We gonna have us some scooter races, yet.

And the reason it seemed to take longer than it should for him to check back in with us? You know. As we sat forward on the edges of our chairs? Checking checking checking?

Well...the poor man, he couldn't even do that much. See, the minute he got home from the hospital, he came down with the stomach flu.


If it ain't one thing, it's another.


Jean said...

Poor guy!... but, bet he's still glad to be home.

Anonymous said...

Good thing he's home, cause there's just too many sick people in hospitals and he'd have a harder time getting better!

Walrilla said...

Evidently, the bugs I had were so bad, they kept me in isolation the whole time I was in the hospital

k said...

Jean, home is GOOD.

snog dot, how right you are. Especially when you're immunocompromised, of course. When I get a bad infection, keeping me out of
the hospital is a top priority: that place is awfully dangerous for people like me!

Walrilla, they did the right thing. They isolated me too. And then they put a big sign on the door, saying, more or less, Abandon all hope, ye who enter...and if you're preggers don't even THINK about darkening this threshold.