Sunday, March 25, 2007

As I scooter closer, it looks at me. It lets me get only so near. Then, it flew down to join the flock, and explain to them that a Clear and Present Danger was approaching.

When it first landed, almost all the others still had their heads down, munching away. As it communicated, they began to look up and around at me.

Then, with one impulse, they took off. Flew away down the street, to land somewhere else. Someplace that was free of scooterees bothering them at their dinner.

Sure, clicka! If you click on the pic, you can see them much better. Watch the sentry turn its head back and forth, and how it looks so authoritative after landing smack in the middle of its flock, ready to get them out of approaching trouble.

Ha! Trouble in the form of k, scootering away, trying to get better pix on this cloudy windy day.

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pepektheassassin said...

Cool. That's the first knock-kneed ibis I've ever seen!

pepektheassassin said...

Great pics, by the way.

Kenny said...

Very nice pics, I love to see stuff like that

k said...

Ha! He really IS knockkneed, isn't he? The only pic where it's not noticeable is the one where he's just landed in his flock, standing to the right of the stop sign, looking for all the world like the Chairman of the Board.

Umm....thanks, but not the best pix. Blurry and too far away. But that's how critter pix go. They do what they want, not what the photographer wants.

Kenny, comments like that make me want to grab the camera and go get more! Glad you like 'em.

Granny J said...

Love the pic of the sentry and of the flock in flight! Your ibis (ibises?) are white; the fellows we get on their fly-throughs are black. It would be cool if we were a destination resort as k's ranch!

k said...

What you have there, granny j, are probably glossy ibis. They look black from a distance; up close they're glossy green and bronze (summer) or dark green and brown (winter).

The three main kinds are: white, glossy, and - SCARLET!!! We get the white and and glossy here. Ever so often, in the Keys or far south Florida, a scarlet ibis will stray over here from the Caribbean. A tourist bird, lost.

I've never seen one except in pix. They are pure brilliant scarlet, head to toe.

Can you imagine?!