Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ibis for Kirsten

And why? Because there are ibis in Egypt, too. They even mummified them, back in Pharaoh days. I hear they're a slightly different species than ours. But I love to see ibis here and know they have kissin' cousins back in Egypt.

Kirsten's in Egypt too. Her sense of humor is ticklish to no end. And she's a wonderful writer with a heart of gold. She feels for those less fortunate, for kids and grownups and animals and everyone. So I was hoping she'd like these guys too.

Living in Florida is such a treat for animal and plant fans. These ibis are also called curlew - maybe because of their curved beaks? They're rumored to be very tasty. Not all water birds are; apparently some eat so much fish, that's what they taste of. Earlier Florida residents ate a lot of these birds. Me, I don't think I could choke one down unless I was starving to death. They're just too pretty.

They flock about and sometimes will land on a lawn, pecking away for food. Grooming that grass. It's good for it.

But they're also cautious.

When I saw this bunch land, kitty corner to the k ranch, I got the camera out. And the first thing I saw in the viewfinder was the lookout they'd posted. See it, up on the electric line? It turns its head back and forth, watching, watching. Seems to take its job quite seriously.

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Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Thank you for the post.
Yes, Ibis is really a nice bird. In fact it is not so much of them here in Egypt any longer...
But, we have to take care of what have ... We don't know what will come.

k said...

I'm sorry to hear that, kirsten! There should be ibis all OVER the place there. That's too bad.

Like the brown Cuban lizards eating up all our native green anole lizards...