Tuesday, March 27, 2007


There I was at Lotus Chinese Kitchen, innocently minding my own business: meaning, lying in wait for a parking space. I saw a lady come out of the joint toward this car parked right out in front. Perfect parking space.

Whereupon, I noticed her car too. More precisely, its cute cat decorations and that license plate: SASICAT.

I like it.

I got out the camera and approached the car. --Can I take a picture?-- I asked.

She said, --Sure! I explained about the blog and so forth. She told me it was okay and she'd watch for the post. --How long will it be, about a week?-- And in my usual optimism I told her it'd be up in a couple of days.

That was a week ago last Friday.

Yeah, I'm slow...

This nice lady told me her husband had a Boss Cat license plate. He owned a big sprinkler company here - and down here, that is something - so he really WAS Boss Cat. After he retired he gave up the plate, and the beautiful old Lincoln it graced. She tried to talk him into keeping them both, but no go.

She still has her Sasicat plate, though. She says she's not letting it go, not for nuthin.
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