Sunday, April 08, 2007

Another Quick Lung Exercise

This one's even easier than the yoga breathing exercise. More entertaining, too. And like the yoga one, it really feels good.

Take a deeeeeep breath. Lay your finger across your lips - between them and parallel, like a third lip between the others. It's just to hold the air in.

Use your lips and finger to hold in the air as you try hard to blow it out, expel it. What you're doing is forcing the air deep into the farthest recesses of your lungs. Hold the air in, at the same time you're trying to blow it out, as hard as you can stand it.

If you smoke, now listen up: When you finally open your mouth and let the air out of your lungs, you'll see a wisp of smoke come out too.

Even if it's been fifteen or more minutes since your last smoke.

I'm not saying that to get on your case. I used to smoke, and I was extremely addicted. Quitting was one of the hardest things I've ever done, and I'm the opposite of the *reformed sinner* type now. Today, I'm still as smoker-friendly as I can possibly be, working around my breathing needs, okay?

I'm telling you about that wisp of smoke just to show why this is a good exercise to clean out your lungs. Not only are you getting air to places that are hard to *reach* with normal breathing, you're also expelling some truly stale air when you exhale. That little wisp is just evidence for you.

Cool, huh?


Jean said...

This one is easy and quick... for lazy people like me (who is also a smoker). Thanks, k!

k said...

I prefer to think of it not as laziness, but, oh, as simplicity.

I like ones where I don't have to think about them. At all.

Just in case my ice cream and/or chocolate infusion wore off.

Desert Cat said...

In my case, I'd best be sitting or lying down, as that is a surefire way for me to pass out (or come close).

k said...

Huh! Now I keep wondering if that has any connection to the blood thing.