Sunday, April 08, 2007

After I saw the little sprout I watered it more. Then we got into a really bad drought down here, we're on watering restrictions and all.

So the tiny little baby branch shriveled a bit.

I watered some more.

And suddenly, the dead stump sprouted more baby branches!

I turned it over, and could see where the stump had grown a small bunch of roots in one corner.

This is a miracle plant. For no reason I can determine, it decided to rise from the dead.

So Happy Easter to my miracle ponytail palm, and my favorite assassin too. She understands things about life and revival that most of us mortals just don't get.

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Granny J said...

Hurrah for this stump and the life force that infuses it! There's a sycamore stump downtown that insists upon putting up shoots every year, even though the powers that be cut them off. And each year, the shoots are bigger and stronger. May they make a new tree one of these days. And may your miracle pony tail palm grow many more branches!