Sunday, April 08, 2007

I did pick up one interesting-looking stump. It had two trunks, separating low on the base, and the pointy slanted way they chainsawed it was unusual. I took it home and set it out in the yard.

Wilma hit in October, 2005.

In October, 2006, wandering around my brick pathways and admiring my pretty ponytail stump, I noticed something.

A tiny bunch of leaves had sprouted from the base of the stump.

Understand, this was just a dead piece of a stump. No roots at all, just a piece of wood. I want to think I can resurrect anything, but it never even occurred to me this one could be viable. It was dead. Really gone. Okay?
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pepektheassassin said...

Great Pics! The Persistence of Life, tho'he were dead, yet shall he live...etc. Nice Easter connections here.

pepektheassassin said...

And I wrote that comment even before I read the rest of your Easter post!

Great minds!

k said...

See? You knew where I was going, right off.

I'm never quite satisfied with the pix, myself. Or maybe I should say, satisfied *enough* is all I feel. They adequately express the image I want to put out there, so that's fine. Perhaps one day I'll learn how to photoshop, and get a camera that doesn't have the glare issues this one does, so forth. For now, it'll do.