Saturday, May 12, 2007

Heart of Flame, Saturday, Midday

More of the little purple and white flowers are out. If you cliken to embiggen, you can see how the flowers emerge from a sort of sheath-like structure.
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prettylady said...

That is SPECTACULAR. Does it have a smell? I hope it doesn't smell like a cadaver...

pepektheassassin said...

I clickened, it embiggened! This is so very cool!

k said...

Well, I haven't been able to smell any fragrance from it yet. I'll keep trying at different times of day.

I actually do have a couple of corpse flowers - voodoo lilies - but they seem to have bit the dust. Rats! (so to speak.)

I have a burning ambition to grow various amorphophallus plants, like Mr. Stinky down at Fairchild Tropical Gardens, whom I visited when in bloom a few years back. Word is, he's got a lady friend now too. That flower was about 5' tall. I hung with the curator for an hour or two, watching the spectators ebb and flow, a couple TV crews, like that. I don't think he'd slept for a week. He was on such a high, he just beamed out his joyousness and it must have glowed for miles around.

miss assassin, I'm SO glad you did that! Some of those things are not hard to do. That little trick usually works on most photos on blogs. It seems to work on all of mine. I love to do that! Suddenly you can easily see all the little details you were straining to make out before. You can just fall into the picture for hours sometimes, moving around in it.