Friday, May 11, 2007

Mid-Morning Update

I don't have a webcam, so I'll just try to post update pix instead.

This flower grows so fast, if you blink you'll miss it.
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sue said...

OMG... that is the strangest thing! Beautiful, tho'. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Desert Cat said...

Is this an agave species? Because this kind of explosive flower head growth is characteristic of a number of agave species around here, including the famous Century Plant.

Desert Cat said...

Wait..scratch that. D'oh! You listed the botanical name down a few posts.

Desert Cat said...

Worse yet, it turns out they're not even of the same family or even order. You have to go all the way back to the class level to find common ground. Hrm.

One of those parallel evolution things, perhaps.

prettylady said...

D.C., it looks a bit like a bromeliad to me, but I don't pretend to have any knowledge of botany at all. I just like organic lines.

Desert Cat said...

It is. Bromelia balansae, according to this post.

k said...

DC, that's exactly what I thought it was at first too, for lots of reasons.

Back fence neighbor Peter pegged it as a bromeliad, and he was right:

But all my surfing, and leaving little queries on Bromliad Society websites, got me no further than *unspecified bromeliad.*

Then, a month or two later, mystery commenter Lisa from Jacksonville correctly identified the species for us. Whoever you are, Lisa in Jacksoville, thank you VERY much! I mean it, big time. Not knowing what this plant was was driving me absolutely crazy.

Her comment from that post is well worth reading. It certainly is an offset reproducer - though not at the rate of some - and, the thorns are really, really, really something.

She's not the only one who's pointed out its value as a "security" plant. Same concept as when I ran a pyracantha up a chain-link fence in New Orleans. No nasty neigborhood bullies ever attempted to hop that fence again.

Anonymous said...

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