Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Fawn

(Note: The pictures below are smaller than usual - the regular size didn't want to publish. But! Clicken to embiggen. They're ever so cute.)

This morning we took Livey to Urgent Care, where they gave her antibiotics for her current infections. Just after we left the place, she spotted a deer in the woods next to the road, and then a beautiful fawn. I turned the car around and got out to get a better pic.

Meanwhile, the fawn had decided to lay down. It was so perfectly camouflaged it was almost impossible to see. But then - it got up. It was much bigger than we'd thought.

And so was its mama, hiding a little way away next to a tree line. At first her back was turned to us. Livey told me that as I was photographing the fawn, Mama looked about two seconds away from attacking me.

The fawn spotted us, and got up and looked...

then, looked over at Mama. Mama? Mama???

I'm here, little one. Let's go.

Okay! Okay! I'm coming!

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