Friday, June 22, 2007

Want Some Critters? Here's Livey's Snake.

Not everyone likes snakes. Me? Sure! All kinds.

Livey's got a resident snake, perhaps a garden-variety garter snake. The first time I saw it here, I was inside and she was outside, and I heard her hollering like a girly girl.

People. This is NOT your typical Livey fashion. No. She is quietly - and absolutely - tough.

Naturally, I came running to see.

As I ran toward it, she was running away from it. Shrieking and flipping her hands.

Just like Walrilla seeing a spider!

I couldn't get a good picture that day. But being the Snake in Residence, our hero reappeared recently. At the time, Livey was taking one of her periodic turns at the stump. The soon-to-be-infamous Stubborn Stump.

I got all excited because I had my camera ready for this run. She was trying to hold it in - the shrieky stuff? - so I thought she'd decided snakes were okay after all. Mr. Snake was a bit discombobulated by the commotion anyway, so he was trying to run off and hide. I was following after with the camera.

Toward the stump, you see? Where Livey was.

She finally said, --HEY! Don't chase him towards ME!!!


Okay! I fix it!

He showed up on one of her walkways, on the right side of the house. The Stubborn Stump side.

Whee! He's looking right at me!

Ummm...wrong way. Sorry, Livey! Okay. I'll chase him the OTHER direction.

And off he went, running away this time, hiding in the rocks.

Yes. He'll probably curl up in there, snuggled in all safe, and come back out to see Livey another day, real soon.


Desert Cat said...

Oh's a *garter* snake. Not an Anaconda.

Yes they may bite if you handle them, but it's like tiny pinpricks. And they eat nasty insects like ticks and slugs and roaches. Nice snake.

Livey said...

What she didn't say is that fucker was following me and trying to bite my ankles!

pepektheassassin said...

Yeah. Um, I don't think it's a rattlesnake either. Fear not. Be not afraid.

Doom said...

That's too funny. I like girls who squeak at such, and yet I still like the tomboys. And here, the twixt meet, or some such. Well, at least you didn't grab it and chase her around with it. Mighty civil of you, I do not know how you passed up the temptation.

k said...

hee hee hee! A very nice snake, indeed. Wasn't he a pretty one, with those beautiful stripes, then the yellow markings down his sides too?

doom, you crack me up! I like to try to convince people to NOT be afraid of critters, so of course actually chasing Livey around with him would have been, ah, counterproductive.

Besides, I can't possibly catch up with her if she wants to get away.

Now: The scooter, however, goes 4.5 miles per hour.

OTOH...she's learned a lot about where that scooter CAN'T go.

Like over rocks, and stuff.

Temptation? Oh, did that snake rear its ugly head!!!

(pats self on shoulder in celebration of self-restraint)

(even if she can't run fast enough anyway)

sue said...

Guess she wouldn't like the bull snakes we have, then... they are about 4x the size of the garter snake, but completely harmless... I'll post my snake stories some day soon.

K - what kind of a camera did you get? I'm looking to upgrade from my older digital, too, and want some suggestions.

Livey said...

I don't mind snakes as long as they aren't chasing me and trying to bite me dammit!

Jean said...

*shivers*... I'll pass on the snakes. Sorry.
All those beautiful flowers,!

Doom said...


Sure, sure. I believe you.


Mobility has nothing to do with intent. *sneaky chuckles*

The only squeaky girl I won't tease with a snake anymore, chance offered, is my Mom. But uhm, I did have fun in my time with her.

When my brother and myself were six and seven, we went to Adventureland, or some such. We won a lot of prizes, and bought a few things, most of which we decided were for her. I had this crazy idea that a rubber snake in the bottom of the sack would provide fun for all. It did. Though we did have to collect the bag, snake, and other loot spread over a 15 foot radius and wait until her eyes were no longer dialated before heading home. And we still got to go to A&W on the way home (back when it was or seemed good). Alas, the rubber snake was allowed nowhere near the car. She can't even watch them on tv. It's fun, I tell ya.

Walrilla said...

Awwww, that's a cute snake! A whole lot cuter than them danged ol' hairy-a$$ed, make-you-crap-your-pants, good-fer-nuthin spiders! Hack-ptooey! Stupid spiders!


k said...


Did you notice, Walrilla, that I didn't blow your cover not one single time when the blogmeet was in full swing?

Not me. No. I was a very nice polite secret-holding blogger, me.


Until the time was JUUUSSSST right...

heh heh heh!

And it was NOT chasing Livey trying to bite her ankles! She's just making that up. It was trying to run AWAY from her.

I mean, until I chased IT with the camera, of course.

Sue, I'll answer you in a post, okay?

Jean, I'm glad you like the flower pix, and sorry about the snake issue! I have my own "ick" critter: the infamous yellow jacket.

But...that's about the only critter that does it for me. And even at that, only in person.

I'm afraid you'll run across a snake pic here from time to time. I can give you a snake heads up if you like, though. I do *squeam alerts* for the gory pix, so why not?

I just hate the idea of you coming over, happily anticipating a nice flower close-up, and then seeing a horror show instead...

Jean said...

heh... dear k, I can handle photos without warning. Thanks for the offer, though. I would not want to add extra effort here for me. You do so much wonderful stuff here, I'd hate to miss anything or think I might have made you hesitate about what you want to do here.
It's all good, my friend.

Doom, however... No chasing with snakes of ANY kind... EVER! Dagnabbit... I'd have a stroke or sumpin'. Be nice.

k said...

Okay! That's good. I just didn't want you to have a stroke looking at the pix!

Doom said...


Fine, though I may pout. Luckily you won't have to see it. I wouldn't even chase livey anymore though. I was just living in memories for a moment, fond memories. Ha, back when snakes were fun and girls were icky.