Sunday, July 08, 2007

k likes this place, too

Back in the days of our furniture shipping business - not to mention personal use before that, and a thorough exposure to them for real estate analysis - I became more than a little familiar with storage units, light industrial warehousing, etc. Their *back yards* bring out the little kid in me.


Are these the weed called *Lamb's Ears?* If not, they should be. They're amazingly soft to touch.

Pretty, pretty! They look a bit like Bachelor's Buttons.

And these look like pussy willow, although I'm quite sure they aren't.


Maeve said...

They DO look simmilar.
The pussy willows my grandmother used to have were on long,dark branches and the pussy willows grew out of the sides of them.

imp said...

The last one looks just like a thistle. If it is, they look all soft and fluffy, but in actuallity they will stick in and sting the living daylights outta ya.

k said...

maeve, welcome! We had some pussy willow growing wild in the N. Chicago suburbs. I just adored it, kept playing with it. They were shrubs, really, not trees. Those long branches made beautiful cut and dried flower arrangements.

imp, I have no idea what that is. It does look a bit like thistle but I haven't touched it yet. I have a feeling it's something else. Not sure what. Livey liked that one enough to bring it home, too.

If I can track down the name I'll let you know.