Sunday, July 08, 2007

Okay. Trying not to be TOTALLY useless...

Me, I want to help. But I'm limited in more ways than one. Somehow I'm just no good at selling the stuff, or even at arranging it. I had a few flea market days myself last summer and it just didn't work out. Not to mention, it requires a certain type of physical stamina. A type I'm running low on.

But! I CAN scooter up to the road with the sign. And get pix of the pretty wildflowers on the way back. This looks like your classic milkweed to me, with a nice little bee.

What's this? Dunno. Not Queen Anne's Lace, though it looks similar.

A very nice young man from Illinois bought this ice fishing thingy. It's to let you know when a fish is biting. The contraption on the left raises up. The fishing line runs over it, and it bobs when a fish comes. I guess they don't use those little plastic red and white bobbers I did as a kid.

75 cents! Can't beat THAT, huh?


Livey said...

That white stuff is wild yarrow. It's everywhere.

Granny J said...

Yeah -- we even have it growing wild in the AZ mountains. Once upon a time, it was used to make milfoil tea. But I came here to thank you for the pretty milkweed. It reminds me of the time I got a ticket from Chicago's weed police! Shedidn't appreciate my wild flowers, including a tall milkweed of the type you photographed.

Nancy said...

Ahhh I was going to say it looked like wild yarrow...!


I warn't first!

k said...

So that's where milfoil tea comes from! She showed me some pink ones today, very pretty. And she liked the milkweed so much she's been bringing some home. We'll see if it takes.

I told her about your Weed Police citation and that I'd have framed it and put it on my wall.

Awww, Nancy! See, this is the downside of working so much. Like me sleeping 27 hours. You get back online and go...hey, whoa, wait for me!

I sure like that yarrow. It has a very pretty way of making patterns with its flowers.