Sunday, July 08, 2007

Livey's Garage Sale

Those of you who follow Livey's blog may remember the Garage Sale bit. In her work, she cares for the elderly and the less competent among us. A time comes when they pass away, or leave home and go to an Assisted Living facility. Part of Livey's job is to dispose of what possessions remain after the family, probate, etc. goes through them.

She acquired so much stuff she needed a $50/month storage unit to hold it. More stuff is packed into her garage at home, including an old Cadillac. It's getting time, now, to shut down the storage bin and move the sale to her house.

Garage sales are a part of life in the Northwoods. There are loads of *Garage Sale* signs and customers too. But when the weather's nice? No sales. Everyone's out on the water fishing and boating and swimming. Any customers are usually looking, not buying. So a hot day during a holiday week can be a dicey proposition.

You put out a sign on the road, and people see it and go on in.

Here's Livey's Sign at the Side of the Road. When a customer said the sign was small and hard to see, we added a mop to make it more visible.

It definitely helped. But perhaps a little something...

THERE we go!

And here it is!

Livey has great stuff at great prices. Last year a local radio station made a big round of the Garage Sales, traveling about to see them and talk them up on the radio show. Whey they came to Livey's, the DJ mentioned what cool stuff and good cheap prices she had. The customers say so too, cruising the merchandise.

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