Sunday, July 08, 2007

8^O !!! She MOONED Me!


I'm a slowpoke. I just AM. Deal with it.

I'm cooking. Livey had a long tiring day and a vicious migraine headache and was her dinner on the table yet, even two hours after she got home?

Nope. I'm making pasta. An Italian sausage sauce, and rigatoni, and marinara sauce. It takes time, okay? It just DOES.

So she's prancing around all hungry in the living room. --Hey! Where's my dinner? Is it done yet?

--NO. Not yet. When it's done I'll say so. Hold your horses! Keep your pants on, woman.

Whereupon she dashes into the kitchen, bends over and moons me!

By the time we finally stop giggling, dinner is done.


Livey said...

Well, I figured it was only fair since I've seen your ass so much! hehe

pepektheassassin said...


kdzu said...

You girls are having way too much fun. Makes all the rest of us jealous. Keep it up.

GUYK said...

HEY! She gave me a lap dance just to see what would come up..

Anonymous said...

It seems Livey is a contrarian. That is, you said 'Keep your pants on'.... :P
And KDZU is right - you ladies are having way too much fun..

pepektheassassin said...

Hey, I have a great idea! Livey, why don't you take k's picture in a sort of line-up, with 5 or 6 other folks, and let's have a contest to see who can pick out the right one! (Front side forward, of course).

My money is STILL on the one who resembles Martha Stewart...all that cooking, etc. You know what I'm sayin' here?

The Bottom Of The Swamp said...

Good Grief! I thought you two were mostly grown up! I-don't-see-any-pictures!!!!!

Desert Cat said...

I'm not sure how well k is able to connect at the moment. She e-mailed me last night to let me know that Livey's decripit old computer finally bit the dust.

Check out the details here, then venture over to Livey's place and hit that "make a donation" button at the top of her page. It won't take much if everyone who enjoys reading her pitches in a twenty spot.

k said...

hee hee hee! The front view, miss assassin, as opposed to the moon view? ;-)

Naw. Too easy. They'd all go straight for the woman on the scooter, wearing a bun.

Front or back.

kdzu, Guyk, Morris - Gentlemen, you are 100% correct. You never heard so much giggling and snorfl-ing from two supposedly grown-up women in your entire life. And Morris? That's EXACTLY the first thought that crossed my mind! My gracious, this one is SO contrary!

welcome, Bottom Of The Swamp! Yes, I did say *supposedly* grown up. I, myself, feel this lets us both off any and all responsibility for actual or almost grown-up behavior, or any close approximation thereto, heretofor and forevermore.

Fine print follows.

If you can't read it? Probably I forgot to put on my glasses. Or something. ;-)