Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Livey's antique computer finally bit the dust.

We had a big huge thunderstorm night before last, with a lot of lightning. I'd been regaling her with all sorts of horror stories from Florida, Lightning Capital of America. We get Lightning Fried Computer for dinner all the time.

So she unplugged it, which she usually doesn't. The storm raged on, with really close strikes, right by the house. Nice and dramatic! The poor animals were shaking and shivering. The satellite went out right in the middle of a movie she'd been waiting to see for weeks and weeks.

Finally, the storm abated. Livey was watching her movie again. I felt I was not so technochallenged that I couldn't plug a silly little computer back in. Honestly!

But - when I plugged it back in, there was a loud pop.

A very ominous loud pop.

So much so, I didn't even tell her about the noise it made until the next morning, yesterday, Monday.

Meanwhile...the monitor and modem came on, but not the tower. I thought it was me, see. I must have been pushing the ON button wrong. Not holding it long enough? Too long?

Nope. The internet connection is fine. I'm able to use my laptop, but her desktop is fried.

For a blogger to lose their computer is a terrible thing. Terrible.

She was far calmer about all this than me. I know it's ridiculous to feel guilty about plugging it in and hearing the pop, that computer death rattle, but sometimes I have to remind myself.

She wanted to take the desktop apart once again and try to fix it. My overall feeling is that anything would be better than what she has. Her antique computer, running on Windows 98, was rebuilt around 10 times already. It's very slow and does bizarre things when you're in the middle of posting. It's so shaky she can't use spyware or adware or virus protection. The monitor is so bad you can hardly see my pretty pix!!! Not. Good.

She's patient with it, just as I am with my own old desktop. But it's just purely way too old now, and its time has come. It wants someone to recover the precious photos of her life it holds inside, and whatever it can yield up of her old writings, and then it wants a decent burial.

Yesterday, Monday, we had an extremely long day at the dentist, then doing errands while sort of far from home. It's 5am Tuesday and I'm just now getting to bed. I've been emailing and commenting and talking to Walter about computers and things, and I wanted to update you all at least a little before I hit the sack.

After extreme arm-twisting last night, i got Livey to agree to accept financial help toward a moderately priced new computer. Walter and I will pay for whatever can't be covered by donations. We both like to give gifts when we can, and Livey's done a lot for us. So while we aren't in great financial shape ourselves, one way or another, we'll come up with enough to get this done.

Livey's given a lot to the blogging community. She's done so at some cost to herself. Her life is not an easy one, and her health is not good, but she works very hard. She simply doesn't have enough to get a computer right now, and that's all there is to it.

If she's entertained you, made you laugh, made you feel better with her sweet comments...if you'd like to help just because she's There...then please, do what you can to help out. That means that gamut from sending prayers and good thoughts her way, to hitting her PayPal button, or mine. Believe me, any amount will help. We'll pool it all together.

Oh! AND! She realizes full well what this means: Just because *I* am here visiting, and hogging her internet connection, does NOT mean she's off the hook for posting.


Now she has to be SURE to keep us very well entertained! Frequently! And she KNOWS it!


If that means all y'all find comments from me at 3 am, and new posts at 5:30 am...so be it.


Nancy said...

Look for some money soon.

sue said...

Consider it done.

imp said...

Tried to leave a comment over at Liveys...wouldnt take.

I have some info for you two...so will email it to you k, as it is a lil' detailed.

Please let me know if you do NOT recieve the email, please, kk? thanks!

imp said...

couldnt find your email on here...so here goes...

Compaq Preserio...$348
3.2 GHz
160 GB HD
950 MGA
512 MB RAM
32 MB GM
Model #SR5013WM
Vista Home

If extra comes in....
19" viewable wide screen monitor...

HP Model #W1907....$228

LOML (love of my life) just upgraded last week from a 12 year old puter running 98...lol...but he's a geek and can keep these things running for just about forever.(I had to talk him into this one, *grins*)

The only thing we had a problem with was consolidating the printer with both OS...his is Vista Home..(he loves it)...mine is ME. I'm sure when he gets more time he will figure it out. But you don't have to worry about consolidation, though.

He also said, "If she has any problems, I'd be glad to help her."

One thing though...he doesn't blog...so he doesn't know how to help with those.

As for me...I find my self a lil short right now...but next week I will be flush and have a few extra for the ching.

Hope this has helped!

imp said...

oh...those were both purchased at wally world.

Morris said...

Look for a little from me as well, made to your button, K.

k said...

Nancy, Sue, imp, Morris - THANK YOU!!!

imp, by the time I could get a close look at the info, we were already done. It was one of those things that worked out that way.

But thank you for it. This was one of the few times in my life that I've actually paid a little attention to all those specs. You sound like you guys could do it in your sleep.

The new one has Vista. Funny thing was, getting the printer going with Vista was the hardest part. It drove Livey to distraction.

I'll make sure she sees this in case it's not resolved. She got the printer going some, late last night, but we haven't actually tested it yet. So you may be hearing from her.

At this point in the process, I'm just an observer. Seriously techno-challenged technophobe, me. The real stuff is all up to Livey.

And watching her tear into it all has been a real blast!