Sunday, July 29, 2007


I have awakened.

Not sure how long I've been asleep. Couple days, maybe? But! I'm back.

What time is it? must be - espresso time!

I see it's become Sunday.

Have a great one!


Jean said...

I nominated you for a Schmooze...

Livey said...

A Schnooze?!

Nancy said...

Livey!! I didn't know you were hard of hearing in print too!!

Lubs ya!

k said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you Jean.

I need to get my act together here and respond to this. I am honored. And my entire blogroll qualifies for a Schmooze award, and I want the 'sphere to KNOW this.

nancy, your discerning eye catches things and holds them up to the light...and then they glint...

Livey said...

You ladies are daft!
It was humor!
Get it: Schmooze/Schnooze on a post about sleeping!

k said...