Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sparrow Has Hatched!

Many of you know Sparrow from her superb work on Bitchfest, and from her great comments around the 'sphere. That woman is smart, perceptive, funny, creative, and thought-provoking. Yup. Great blogger qualities, there. What we all love to read.

You may also know that Bitchfest went into some sort of terminal computer thing and did a Sudden Death. It was tragic. Not even the near-magical LL could resurrect it.

Maybe it was another of those *Meant to Be* things. Because...

from the ashes of Bitchfest, Sparrow has arisen. With her very own new blog. And it's beautiful!

Welcome - formally and on your own two wings - welcome to the 'sphere, Sparrow. I have a feeling you'll do very well indeed.

Go over and say HI! to our new hatchling, folks. It's well worth your visit.


Sparrow said...

Thanks for the birth announcement, k! I shall endeavor to amuse and entertain without pooping on anyone's head.

k said...

HA!!! Birdie birdie in the sky... ;-)

You're most welcome, sparrow! I'd expect exactly that - amuse and entertain poop-free - since it's the same course you've been on anyway.

Even if there were any *fallout?* We all could use some furtl...ahz from time to time, right? It's GOOD for us!