Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not a Sparrow, However.

Last week's Meals on Meals run gave us a nice Photo Op. This bird was very close to the graded dirt driveway we were on.

Normally, critters like this would fly away. Especially after the look on its face! Doesn't that say, Hey. I SEE you and I'd rather see you GO than STAY.

Ackkkk! these blasted HUMANS!

It wasn't until I looked at the downloaded pix that I saw why it didn't move. It was guarding its beautiful eggs from us. Eggs we had no idea were there, even though we slowly inched the car so close to the bird, we ended up about 3' away from it.

The bird didn't like us there. But it never moved away. More like: *Leave? nope. don't even THINK about it.*
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Granny J said...

k-- those are very cool pix of a kildeer. Too bad you were that close to the nest, 'cause one of the parents will do the injured bird act to draw your attention from the vicinity of the nest. On the other hand, I think that the killdeer's approach to nest building suggests that they would be
quite at home in the world where you keep all your possessions in a shopping cart!

pepektheassassin said...

Great translation! You must speak kildeer fluently! However, when those eggs hatch, that nest looks none too comfortable to me....mostly rocks.

Livey said...

It was right next to a road/driveway! You should have seen the excitement from k, like a small child at Christmas!

Kenny said...

Great pics, I love to watch birds do bird things. If you can get pics of the babies when thye hatch

k said...

WOW! This may be my very first kildeer! Thank you granny j!

We go there again on Monday. So I'll see if the other parent is around to do the *wounded bird* thing. That's a cool one to watch.

And I'll try to catch the little ones when they hatch, Kenny. But...we're looking at next week for me to leave...I may miss the hatchlings. *sob!!!*

They don't seem to make much of a nest, either, huh? pepek is right. That does NOT look comfy.

And why in the world did they build the nest right next to the driveway?!?

These birds totally crack me up!

Livey's right, too. I get all excited and happy to see stuff like this and get pix. She never minds me stopping in the middle of the road for them, either!