Monday, July 16, 2007

WHEE!!! We're Back! We are ON THE AIR!


It turned out that after all our frustrations with the internet connection, it wasn't the new computer at all. Nope. It was the old modem. Just as Walter suspected.

So after Livey spent several hours talking to the phone company - who's also the internet provider here - all it really took was a 5-minute visit from this Cute Phone Guy, gently bearing a new modem in hand as an offering to this Northwoods Goddess.

And how do I know he was a Cute Phone Guy?

Just as we were finished delivering Meals on Wheels this morning, Livey's cell phone rang. It was the Phone Guy, and he was pulling up to Livey's drive. We were maybe half a block behind the man. So I got a good gander at him.

And dropped Livey off to do computery things, and virtuously went off to Walmart. I was in need of a nice dose of Walmartians, myself.

I came back with some tasty dinner stuff and refilled meds and lo and behold, what did I find?

The HAPPIEST blogger you ever saw!

OMG, we NEEDED this! We have been offline for most of 5 DAYS!!! heebee jeebee AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!

Okay. The new modem was free. It's got us totally wireless, although of course this only really works with a laptop. Still, she's free and unencumbered at her computer desk now. Up to 6 computers can work off this new modem at the same time.

And me?

Not only can we post and surf simultaneously - I'm writing you this post from the LIVING ROOM!


Okay. I really wanted to check in tonight. I have a LOT of catching up to do, so if you haven't seen my *footprints* in your sitemeter, or gotten any emails from me lately, you will soon.

Now? Bedtime.

Gonna be hard to sleep around here tonight. Might hear the pitter patter of surf-hungry little feet. See some more of those 3am comments.

Or...Hmmm. Wait a minute.

I myself don't even need to get out of BED to blog any more!


How's that for a whole new twist on the pajamas business?


momsgoneloony said...

Hey K!! I tagged's a cool it..k...k?

Kat said...

too cool! When we moved into our new house, I got a laptop and wireless internet... I positively LOVE it! :) Fun, huh? :)

Glad y'all are back up & posting again! yay!

Desert Cat said...

Izzatta triple-tag?

sue said...

...I'm still laughing at "Walmartians"...

Glad to see you guys back.

I LOVE my wireless network at home. I can sit in bed or even out on the deck and use my laptop to get online. Isn't it fun?

k said...

welcome, momsgoneloony! DC is right, it's a triple tag now. I still haven't responded to the first 2! I'm sorry to say, I actually don't do memes here, although I really enjoy reading other people's, so that's not quite fair of me. I think it's partly because my health is so iffy and I end up out of touch for days at a time sometimes. I've noticed that anything that might have a *timing* aspect to it, I tend to shy away from.

But thank you! And I had some special plans for this one, so you may hear at least SOMETHING back.

kat, sue, it is just SO FUN!!! First there's that absolute joy of just being able to communicate again. Then...last night, after shutting her down, I ended up with my feet way-high elevated in bed as usual, laptop propped on a pillow on my belly, at it again. Right now? I'm in the *library.*

And Sue, I wish I could take credit for *Walmartians.* But I got that from the incomparable LL. I fell way in love with it and use it every chance I get. It still makes me laugh every time.

prettylady said...

Does this mean you're leaving Walter for Livey? How is he supposed to compete with Blogging in Bed?

pepektheassassin said...

Glad to see you're up and running!

Doom said...

Yeah! Hurray! Now I am jealous! ;)

k said...


Pretty Lady, you crack me UP!!!

I'll wait for Walter to read that one and see what he has to say. hee hee!

miss assassin, my lord how I've missed everyone! I try so hard to be stoic if I get knocked offline for any reason. Ya know. Hurricanes, like that.

But I get itchy anyway...

awww, doom, don't be jealous! If you put your mind to your goal, I've no doubt at all you'll be blogging in bed too, before you know it. ;-)

And you don't have to explain anything to any Walter either, I bet.

Jean said...

Welcome back, k! You were missed!

k said...

Jean! Hi! Hi!

I'm still on a *Back Online* high!

Moobear said...

hi k!
Glad you are back online. I replied to your comment on my site. Hope you have a great day!

k said...

Oh, thank you, moobear! I'm glad you're *out and about.*