Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weeding, Snowshoe Baseball, and a Shyness Attack

The Weed the Driveway project is tootling along ever so nicely. I seem to have knocked my blood sugar out of whack, and walking isn't an exercise I can do to work it back down. So tomorrow I'll be out there doing some vigorous bits of the weeding work, and see if the diabetes gets better.

I love to weed. Another of those *odd hobbies.* I find it endlessly absorbing. And Livey's driveway is made of driveway gravel, which sounds way dull, but instead is way, way beautiful stuff. I love to talk to the critters out there, and pick out pretty rocks to bring back to Florida, and find all sorts of interesting artifacts as I dig around.

Hey. If you did what I used to do for a living, and do it 80-90 hours a week, and now have all sorts of icky health things to deal with instead of that dream job and its corresponding income, you might take a lot of pleasure in sitting down and weeding a driveway too. I consider myself extremely lucky for being so easily amused. It's just so...soothing.

And tonight we went to our third Snowshoe Baseball game, a highly entertaining Northwoods delicacy. Another extremely fine activity. I've come to see that sports photography is much harder than it looks on TV. But I've gotten some pretty good pix by now, and hope to be sharing them with you soon. This one is a truly unique game, as much because of the fans and ballpark as the sport itself.

Which all adds up to a tired but happy blogger. I wanted to put up a quick note here so you know I'm not dead - some folks back home were ready to send out a search party - but for now it's bedtime. I have some emails I'd like to catch up with tomorrow. All y'all know who you are.

And...by tomorrow morning, with any luck, I'll get over this shyness attack and be able to properly thank Leslie.

Until then...Have a seriously GOOD one, everyone!


Omnibus Driver said...

No thanks are necessary. Just keep on being your own sweet self.

sue said...

Hope things level out for you!

I like weeding, but prefer it when there aren't bugs or too much sun to battle while I'm at it... it does give me a great sense of accomplishment to see the gardens all weeded and looking nice, tho'.

pepektheassassin said...

Wow! I mean, I hardly knew ye! What a cool new do you have!

k said...

hee hee! SURPRISE!

aw, Leslie. *runs and hides.*

Sue, thanks. I forgot you had it too! I think it's steadying but it's still in the 200's sometimes. Almost 500 a few days ago, several 400's and 300's. I'm scarfing down protein like a wolf, taking extra glucophage like Dr. Q said, and may holler at Nancy for some more help. She is GREAT at this stuff. But since she got mugged I'm trying to let the poor lady rest!

miss assassin, oh THANK you! I just LOVE blue! We're still working out some kinks. But! But! Soon I'll have my VERY OWN REAL FOR REAL BLOGROLL!!!