Wednesday, July 25, 2007

k and the Teenage Entourage

I just LOVE blue.

Long ago, during my stay in Northwest Louisiana, I acquired a Teenage Entourage. This was after my allergies knocked me off the job forever, and the bit with the secret-alcoholic fiance was over, except for the stalking part. Other awful things were happening left and right. It seemed like a good time to sit out by the pool for a while, and have a nice rest.

These kids were there for summer visitation with their non-primary custodial parent, all of them the children of divorce. They needed an adult around to swim in the pool. (MINORS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED...) Unemployed, ill, being stalked by a nice sweet big teddy bear brain-damaged gun freak...I hung out at the pool as the other adults worked, and made sure those kids could swim.

They ranged in age from 11-17. Almost all were named *Jaimey,* except for T and Tony, but each *Jaimey* spelled it differently. A couple were troubled in pretty scary ways. After their parents realized I wasn't some sort of fruitcake who had a thing for teenagers, the parents and kids came to trust me. I wouldn't let the kids get away with bad stuff, but I also let them know I cared about them. And I did. I still do.

They particularly liked my Love Life advice, and were forever quizzing me on Important Relationship Issues. They liked to play little jokes on my funny last name. In their ways, they were very sweet to me, and helpful. They'd get my mail when I couldn't walk. Bring me food to cook for them, and incidentally to share with me, with great delicacy for my poverty. They'd call the cops if the stalker ex showed up again - we didn't have 911 service, so I taught them how. I think of them quite often. I hope they're all doing well.

One day sitting out by the pool, they started to notice something.

My bathing suit was blue.

My beach towel was blue.

My oversize buttondown men's shirt was blue.

My cigarettes (I used to smoke) were Merit Ultra Lights, in a blue and white package.

My cigarette lighter was blue.

My flipflops were blue.

My can cooler, the rubbery thing holding my Coca Cola, was blue.


We'd been quiet for a bit. Lazing in the sunshine, not swimming, sitting and resting at the pool table.

One of them looked over, with perfect studied casualness, and slowly drawled out this remark:

--You can tell k doesn't like blue.

Which, at the time, had us all suddenly ROTFL'g half to death. I never heard the end of that one until I moved away.

And now, you, I FINALLY have a BLUE BLOG! Whoopee!

Okay. We're still working out the kinks. If you use Mozilla, it looks fine. But in Internet Explorer, the title seems to be cut off at the top.

We'll get there. Livey is working on it for me, since I am incurably technochallenged. I make her popcorn as she studies the template and fixes things.

But if anyone knows how to stop the title from getting cut off, please let us know, okay?

And then? Before you know it, I shall FINALLY have a REAL FOR REAL BLOGROLL!!! of my VERY OWN!!!

boing boing boing!

Oh, I'm so excited I can't stand it!


Nancy said...

I like blue too!!

This is easy on the eyes. Are you going to put any pictures from your garden on the banner?

Kat said...


I have IE at work, and your blog looks OK to me. :)

Moobear said...

Hello k
Thanks for your visits and your comments and as you see at my place, I like blue too! I use IE and yes I can see the top is cut off a bit. :( I am not sure if a blogroll puts them on automatically or what, but I put my links on manually. I will be glad to tell you how if you would like.That way you can also use them in email as well. Sorry I cannot help you with the title at the top! Have fun you two!

Moobear said...

a little PS...:P

You have been tagged. If you would like to participate just check out my blog for the details. If you are unable I certainly understand. Have a great day friend!

Dazd said...

oooooooohhhh! I like the new look. Blue is good, not that I know anything about blue ya know. :)

Granny J said...

I would love to find some percale that color to make a B*L*U*E pillow case to go with my rainbow colors! Everything on the market is so dangblasted muted. In other words, nice blue blog.

Kenny said...

I had a blog roll once, maybe I should have one again. I will have to get my buddy to help me. Your new look, well it is new and it is blue. ;-)

Jean said...

I love the new format! and, I can see the top just fine and I use IE...

Anonymous said...

Great look, K. And it looks fine, though I am viewing in Firefox's "IE Tab" add-on. Certainly looks ok in Firefox.

Blue, eh? And a royal blue at that... :P

k said...

Thank you, everyone! I may have underestimated how many very fine bloggers like blue too! As can tell dazd doesn't like blue, either!

granny j, I KNOW what you're talking about! I love intense colors and everyone wants to be all mushy about them just now.

Nancy, I'm still thinking about the banner. Maybe. Not sure. Walter, some time ago, suggested as sort of Joan of Arc pic (k's quest, right?) So...I'm thinking.

We watched your comments on the title thing as Mama Bear LL jumped in and fixed everything up in two shakes. kat, you surprised us - you were the only IE user that didn't get the title cutoff thing before LL fixed it. Jean and Morris came on after that, so I'm glad to hear it's coming up right everywhere now.

I shouldn't have been so shy about asking for help! I can't believe I spent almost 2 years with blog colors I wasn't happy with. Yikes!

Moobear, kenny - I think we're getting the blogroll thing up okay now. It's not too hard. If I can go through Mozilla there's even an automatic thing, where you just click and it blogrolls - sort of like adding favorites to the favorites list. Livey and LL already put some up for me when I was weeding. I'll try to get the rest up tonight.

sue said...

Very nice!...and you've got ALL my links over there. *blush*

You know, when you were talking about all the blue, "technically" you should have been drinking Pepsi...they're the blue one. LOLOL!!

prettylady said...

Wow! At first I thought I'd clicked the wrong button! How pretty!

And your links are alphabetized, too. Such organization I can only dream of.

k said...

Of course they're all there, Sue! Wouldn't do to have 'em only half represented, huh?

Funny thing is, you're not the only one who niticed that glaringly bright red Coca Cola color surrounded by all the blue. I had to Explain Myself at the time. I've just never liked Pepsi.

Some argued for a color-coordinated drink. I held firm for Personal Taste. Substance over form! An important point for a teen entourage to learn.

*blush* I'd love to take credit for it, Pretty Lady. can do. I ran away and weeded while the great Mama Bear and hard-working Livey did all the work. Livey wanted some scrambled eggs. She got 'em. Now and then, she'd come out the front door and holler, *Your presense is requested for inspection!*


I could get used to this kinda life. Real easy. ;-)

I noticed you mentioned some remodeling, yourself. I'm eagerly awaiting the new version.

click click click
not yet
click click click

And your other link will be up there soon, too, BTW.