Tuesday, August 21, 2007

DC Brew for Breakfast

Yesterday morning I was back at the little coffee place with internet access: the DC Brew. It's a Starbucks knockoff, and they seem to like folks sitting there with their computers. In Starbucks land, this is said to make the place looked more *lived in,* drawing in more customers. Hey. They want to give me wireless access, and a table for hours at a time, all for the price of one big giant espresso? Overpriced espresso, sure, but hey. The whole package is way cheap at the price.

As I sat down yesterday, a guy came in for his coffee. I'd seen him fiddling around with a very nice bicycle in front of the cafe. It's good that it was a nice bike, because he'd ridden it here all the way from Chicago.

Yup. You heard right.

He's doing the *circle tour* around the peninsula, like me. But on a bike. That's 360 miles from Chicago to Washington Island and back to the cafe. On the way out the door, he was asking about the road to Manitowoc. Another 75 miles, there.

This morning, I myself am in a hotel that has wireless. Such a very fine thing! I got tired of roughing it and splurged. It's a Super 8 - a surprisingly decent one, but still a *budget hotel* - yet it cost $70 for one person one night. That's after the nice desk clerk threw in every discount he could dream up.

He's a good guy. I met him when I first arrived, and he tried hard to find me a room that night. Because it was a weekend in Serious Fishing country, it just didn't work out. But he remembered me, and I him, and when it came time to find a real bathtub and bed and all that, I came back here. This is the best rate in town, and I only got it because it's midweek (vacancy time) and the motel's pool and whirlpool are out of order.

I've been exploring local campgrounds. I see one very close to Sturgeon Bay. Being a sort of a *plain jane* state park, it's relatively less booked up, and easy to get a campsite. I want to come back here, and that one looks like an interesting option. They even have a scooter-accessible cabin for the disabled.

But for now, it's time to head back to the Northwoods. I've been rockhounding like you would not believe. The car is jampacked with great stuff, and on the way back, I'll be beachcombing for agates every chance I get.

And then I'll settle back in for a few days, and have a chance to fill all y'all in on my trip here.

If you've ever heard people say Door County is an incredibly beautiful place?

They're right.


sue said...

I've been there before and you are so right!

Livey said...

yeah get back here, I'm out of food and no money! Bring me that food! LOL

Jan said...

All I can think about is that movie with Lucille Ball when she and Ricky were in that big ol' trailer, climbing mountsins, and such, and Lucy kept hiding rocks inside, making it impossible to climb the moutains, creating havoc...is your car making it up the mountains? LOL

Can't wait to hear all about it!

k said...

Sue, I kept thinking about you as I drove through the peninsula, because there are so many farms there it's unbelievable.
Everywhere. Old farms, been there a very long time, still thriving by appearances anyway. Really beautiful.

Jan, I thought I'd seen every single episode at least 3 times, but I must have missed that one. BOY that sounds funny! And it's like the perfect one for me, isn't it?

Oh! And don't worry, Livey got her food. Most of it, anyway. Some of it's still in the Saturn, hidden under stacks of bags filled with rocks.

Cindi said...

Jan and K...funny you mention that movie. I just returned it to Netflix after having it since May! K, it wasn't one of the Lucille Ball tv shows..it was a movie with Lucy and Desi Arnaz from 1954 called "The Long, Long Trailer". Very good movie! I'm pretty sure I'm going to cancel my Netflix membership but I will miss being able to see a lot of the golden oldies.