Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jonesing? ME? Naw...

Well. Not any more, anyway.

Midweek, we got the great good news that Walter was going to be passing just south of us here, through Wausau on his way to a delivery in Green Bay.

Miss Livey's been agitating for a Walter visit. When she talks to him on my cell phone she says, --Where are you? Montana? Arizona? North Carolina? Okay. Now you can come here!

*Here* is so remote, that wasn't likely to happen. In the old days when we actually owned the company Walter drove for - different story. But you can't ask a major trucking firm to let you drive their truck all over on little side jaunts. Do you know how much fuel COSTS these days? Egads!

But we could easily meet him in Wausau...And to my complete and utter astonishment, Walter agreed to meet Livey.

Old World schooling and charm notwithstanding, Walter's not much of a people person. Like my Babycat, he's a one-woman kind of guy, and most of the rest of humanity is just background. Those I love, he takes an interest in. Yet I couldn't talk him into meeting Livey. I tried everything. Like this: You claim your appearance, all road-weary, is holding you back? Okay. What if Livey says she won't put her face on?

No dice. All my negotiations failed. He's on to me by now.

So I handed her the phone. He capitulated in two seconds flat. Whee!!!

Walter had to get from Seattle to Green Bay in a short three days. It was chancy. Too chancy. He just couldn't get through on time to stop and have dinner, or breakfast, with us in Wausau, on his way to the delivery.


I could meet him in Green Bay after the delivery, but Livey can't do that. It's about 3 hours driving, and her fractured, bone-spurred, messed up neck can't take much driving. It bounces her around enough that she's got that white face of intense pain by the time we get home after much shorter jaunts than that.

So they didn't meet after all. Drat!!!

But us? Yeah, we did. For the first time in 5 months.

The *new* truck, which had been horridly contaminated with huge amounts of cleaning and scenting products when he picked it up in Atlanta, was finally aired out enough that I could go in there and see it. Another first. I arrived after midnight so we visited a bit and then went to sleep, all snuggled up like a couple of cats.

Like heaven. Just like heaven.

He didn't even get dispatched until midday the next day.

Ah, people. After five months.

I can't find the words for this. I know that some of you understand, from your own experience. I'll leave it at that.

And I've gone walkabout, haven't been back in the Northwoods since then.

I sit here now in Door County, in a little Starbucks-type cafe in Sturgeon Bay. I'm driving all the way around this peninsula. It's every bit as beautiful as I've always heard. I've seen a lot of America, but this is my first time here.

It's the first time I've been in an *internet cafe* type place. I just had my very first panini, too. It was good.

My camera ran out of juice and I didn't bring my camera charger. At least the computer is charging up! I'm off again soon, with my trusty Microsoft Streets & Trips pulled up and sitting on the passenger seat, as I beach-hop my way around the island. One of my all-time favorite things to do.

I am content.


Nancy said...

ahh!! Here's to walkabouts and reunions.

(huggles dear)

Jan said...

k..never say that you are not missed when you're not around! You haven't seen Walter in five months, but it seemms like we haven't seen you in that long, too! it was hard to let him go, but at least you got to snuggle for awhile!

Maybe, next time it won't be that long that you are apart...ain't love grand, when you finally get it right?

Granny J said...

Everybody needs a bit of walkabout periodically -- glad you are getting the chance. It's just too bad about the camera charger.

pepektheassassin said...

You're turning into a regular gypsy.

Cindi said...

I'm sooo happy that you got to see Walter. Whoa...five months?!
I hope you will get to see him a lot sooner the next time.

Cindi said...

By the way, I LOVE the new look of your blog! Sweet! I wish I knew how to put a banner picture up on mine. I have the picture/idea for a future one but just don't have the brains or patience to figure it out.
I don't even care for the color of mine! lol

Cindi said...

Oh my that a blogroll I see over there--->
Good job!

Talk about a delayed reaction!

k said...

Yeah. I was right. Y'all know.

Hugs right back atcha, Nancy. And it was great to see the little toadlets finally sprouting their tiny legs! If you got those with a cell phone, I'm more impressed with your cell phone camera than you might be. Those are very nice pix.

Jan, in the past, summers have been slow posting for me, the allergies make me snooze for months. But up here I'm sooo much better, I've been posting a lot more. For anyone to feel like it's been a while from a Wednesday to a Sunday post? Wow, that's a treat.

And yeah. Finally, finally got it right. Took me a while. And even meeting the man was a little miracle on its own. I'll post the story someday soon.

The uncharged camera is my one regret on this ad hoc walkabout! DRAT!!! You understand that one REALLY well, granny j. I'm trying to bite my lip...but it makes me want to run back to Lake Tomahawk and grab the charger and drive the several hundred miles back and do this trip all over again!

miss assassin, it's actually more like I'm reverting to my past gypsy self. I never went *on tour* the way you did as an actress, but road trips are in my blood, me and generations behind me. A lot of similarities there, again...

Cindi, I'm so tickled about the new digs! There are posts below about how it all happened, and then you'll see it wasn't me at all. I just weeded as Livey and the great Mama Bear LL did all the tricky stuff. heh! If you get a chance to check the *New Blog* posts you'll get to hear me spout off about the color, too. I've been wondering if that story would ring any *bells* for you...eeeewww, bad pun! ;-)

sue said...

Lucky you... and lucky Walter! So nice to see you two actually DO get to see one another occasionally! LOL!

Enjoy the 'walkabout'...!