Thursday, August 02, 2007

Further Afield

Paintings on old window screens. The proprietor told us these screens are not so easy to come by any more.

Pretty lacy stuff.

A satisfied customer, with a $53 2-piece copper cat.

Old photos, including an old Harley Davidson shop.


Jan said...

Ohhhh..I just love those paintings on old window screens. I bet those are really pretty in person! I could look at that kinda stuff all day...and do, sometimes!

Yeserday, and the day before, went through a bunch of antique shops in a great little town on Lake Erie. Several of them are located in the homes of some of the original settlers of the town, and they are absolutely charming.

There are several festivals in the town, throughout the year, and it's really great.

We lived in that town for two years, until my husband got transferred, several miles upland, but we are looking to move back, if we can get the new store going up there. It is about forty miles from where we are now.

Shoot...this was supposed to be about you and Livey, and your adventures...not mine. Forgive me, please...will try not to be so long-winded next time *maybe* LOL

k said...

Oh, don't EVER worry about that kind of thing here, Jan! You're at the Home of the Long Wind. And since I'm the one posting about our own adventures - which I then relive by posting about them! - by the time comments come, I'm more than interested in hearing about the OTHER person's life!

My dad was born in Erie, PA, where his dad was working on the canal, I think it was? They liked living there, to.

Finding a place to live where I *fit in* took most of my adult life. I'm there now, and even own the only house of my life there.

Finding that real *home place* really matters. I'm glad you know of one for you.