Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kitsch Alert!

I'm very sorry to say, we missed the Loon Calling Contest. We just couldn't get our sorry butts in gear in time.

But we did get in on the *Festival* end of the Loon Days Festival.

There were these magical expanding blouses.

Fits ALL sizes. And they really did, too.

Some very colorful decorations here.

And oh, my inner 4-year-old just longed for one of these Slinky Bracelets. Only $1!

But I abstained. I'd thoughtfully left almost all my financial resources back at Livey's house.


kdzu said...

we're all waiting with bated breath for the modeling shots of those expandable shirts.
Don't hold back on us.

Livey said...

haha kdzu, I really wanted that shirt, but I didn't have $8 to spare, so I didn't get it! :(

kdzu said...

for lack of a nail the shoe was lost.
for lack of a shoe the horse was lost................

for lack of 8 bucks my perversity was thwarted.

Oh well, hope springs eternal in the youthful breast, but something better change quick 'cause I ain't gettin' any .........younger.

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you recall where it was that you bought those bracelets from? The slinky spring bracelets?

I want one!!!

Where in the world are these bracelets? Please tell me!!