Thursday, August 09, 2007

More Mouse News!

Livey noticed something when she clicked on the baby mouse pix, to embiggen them.

See the babies? Those are TINY. They were not much bigger than my thumbnail, and my hands are very small. The rocks that camouflage them so well are little pieces of driveway gravel.

Now check out the 3rd pic. Here, I'll reproduce it.

Click to embiggen. If you move the pic so you can see up toward the top of it, there's a water bottle. A half pint, only 8 ounces. Small.

If you look just above and to the left of the top of that bottle, you will see...another mouse!

It was heading under the lawn mower when I got the pic. I had no idea it was there. None. Its colors blend in perfectly with the driveway gravel. In fact, even though I embiggened the pic after posting it, and thought I'd looked it over pretty well, I never even noticed that mouse.

Livey found it. She was looking towards the lawnmower when Mama ran under it, so Livey checked the photo in case Mama - or the baby being birthed - was there.

Who is it? Who's in that picture? The mama mouse? Or her first baby, finally born?


Livey said...

And of course, that's the side that I lost the blade. So I have to put a new blade on before I cut the grass. Anyone wanna volunteer to do it for me? LL?! LOL

pepektheassassin said...

Poor wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim'rous beastie, O, what a panic's in thy breastie!....

The best-laid schemes o' mice and men
Gang oft a-gley.

LL said...

Ok, ya'll have to stop now cuz you're grossin' me out big time. Send me an email when you're done with the mouse posts. *shudder*

Sassy Sistah said...

shudder, shudder and more shudder. Mice creep me OUT for some reason. Can't STAND them! Y'all are braver than I am!

k said...

k said...
miss assassin, how PERFECT! She might have been muttering the words to herself all the while.

In Mouse.

Will do, LL, and you too Sassy. You have to admit, at least I put up Mouse Alerts for y'all this time.

kdzu said...

In the Hitch hiker's guide to the universe we get the unsettling news that mice acutally run the earth. As an anarchist from days of yore I cannot abide not being at the top of the food chain, therefore, will continue to attempt to step on, run over, swat, crush or in other ways try to end the life of any rodent type mouse or rat which comes within reach. Alas, I'm too old and stove up this week to do much running after with implements of doom those vermin. Plus I was vector control officer in Vietnam and that colors my thinking a bit even yet.

k said...

AH!!! Now I understand it much better.

Me? I have this absolute conviction that I am, and always will be, both at the top of the food chain - and also, contradictory as it sounds - that there is no chain at all. Just a sort of four-dimensional pot of it.

Of course, never having been in Viet Nam or any other place where vermin control was an issue, I don't have that influence in my own background.

However! One day I'll treat you to my homily on things like mosquitoes and fleas...And yellow jackets.