Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oh YES! The Baby Meeses LIVE! kdzu! DON'T LOOK!!!

It looks like the Baby Mice Rescue approval/disapproval votes are precisely divided along gender lines, so far.

Well! Please excuse, Mr. kdzu, but the reason there are no new mice pix is...

the mama mouse came and rescued her little ones!

I got out there pretty early today. But I just wasn't ready to go check on them right away. I wanted to stay in my state of suspended information for just a while longer.

Then Livey got up and came outside, and went to check on the contents of the little cardboard box.

And! It was empty. AND!!! Undisturbed.

Almost any predator around here would have moved the box if it went in after the little babies. Even the snake would have pushed the box around some. The dog or any other quadruped would have shoved it quite a bit. An owl or other bird, too. The box was pretty well shielded when we got done with it, and the top was tilted over it, with just enough room for a mama mouse to climb in.

So, it looks like it's perfectly reasonable to assume Mama came and got her little ones, just like she did with the first baby. Hustled them off to wherever her new abode is.

Don't worry, kdzu! There are SO many predators around here, the rodent population is kept under pretty good control. That 500-mouse increase would happen if there weren't lots of critters here that eat mice.

But there are. We wouldn't want to starve out the owls and snakes and dogs and foxes and ravens and skunks and cats and eagles and raccoons and fishers and weasels and bears and and would we?

Of course not.

We gave mother nature a chance to rebound from the disturbance we ourselves made. From here on out? It's up to them.


Livey said...

Yeah they are probably living in my lawn mower! Tomorrow I have to cut the grass!

k said...

What an awful vision just popped into my mind!

Kenny said...

I am not sure I would as excited about mice as you are. I find they are a unwanted house guest.

k said...

Oh! Okay. Now you have a perfect excuse to put off cutting the grass.

miss assassin, how PERFECT! She might have been muttering the words to herself all the while.

In Mouse.

Oh yes, Kenny. Totally unwanted as a house guest.

But out in the great outdoors, that's a different story.

And I have appointed that garage, where they were, part of the Great Outdoors. It's detached, not a part of the house.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Kenny said...

That is a fine story and I would stick to it my self.