Sunday, October 28, 2007

Less Sin Rolls? Not Sinless, However.

Actually, this version has much more cinnamon. Much less sugar. No frosting, which is my preference anyway.

Cinnamon is said to help regulate blood sugar. So I figure if I make them with way more cinnamon than the law allows, and less of the brown sugar, I can call these...medicinal sin rolls.

More cinn. Less sin.






Walter's cardio appointment was scheduled for Monday, 10/29. That would be tomorrow.

Suddenly, last Tuesday, he was talking about how he could only stay here 4 days. Why? Because that's all the leave time he asked for.

Perhaps it was a communication breakdown. Because 4 days, of course, wouldn't be enough leave time to make a doctor's appointment that was a week away.

Naturally, I jumped on the phone and asked the doc's office if he could come in earlier. --Sure! Is tomorrow okay?

--You betcha.

Nipped THAT sucker in the bud.

So he was a good boy and went to the doc. Said doc pronounced him okay as far as his heart sounded. However, he got a good scolding over gaining some weight and not exercising.

He shot back: You try driving a big rig all day, spending 14 hours including refueling and pickup and delivery times, and see if YOU feel like exercising at the end of it. And the food? I try and try. But eating on the road makes it very difficult to eat healthy. I can't cook in the truck. I do eat a lot of my own food, things I pick up at Walmart when I can. You can't drive a big rig to most grocery stores to go shopping for healthier food, and the restaurants don't have that many healthy options.

All of which is true. It looks to me like getting him off the road is the best thing we can do for his health. We're working on that. Maybe a year or two, we'll see.

On Monday, he'll go do some blood tests, and I think also his pacemaker reading. Then he'll head back out, probably Tuesday.

Well. It wasn't two weeks or more off. But it was about 10 days.

I'll take it.

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betsye said...

there is nothing that brings more joy...home baked bread/rolls...

i can almost 'smell the love'...

How do you ever keep your weight 'legal'...???

much love to you and walter...


Livey said...

Give that man a big hug and kiss for me! I'm so glad you two had some time together again! Love yas!

Nancy said...

10 days is better than none at all......but not as good as more!

uhmmm dang.

I sure wish you could ship sumadem sinless cin rolls to Houston.

I gots me a mean craving fer suma dem cins....

prettylady said...

Tell your dear Walter that exercising in the morning, before breakfast, is Where It's At. You go for an early morning run, or yoga routine, and then have a hot hot shower when you feel all tingly, then sit in a diner with your bagel and tea, or scrambled eggs and coffee, and stare into space, read the paper, or scribble in your journal. Then you're all blissfully jazzed up for your day, even if your day involves driving for 14 hours.

Jean said...

Too bad he has to leave so soon. Hope he won't be gone so long next time.

You should have your own healthy cooking/baking show! All that wonderful info in your brain would be such a help and pleasure to so many people.

Desert Cat said...

I take cinnamon capsules whenever I've had (or am about to have) too much sugar. I'd be curious to see any studies that show how effective it is. But anecdotally I know it makes a big difference in how I feel if I've overdone it.

k said...

betsye, I agree 100%. There was a time, way back when we first came into our new house, when we were having our marital issues. And I didn't bake bread for a long time. The new house finally got baptized...but it was five or more years after we moved in.

Cooking is an act of love. The scent of bread rising and baking conveys that like no other aroma.

Well, except maybe homemade cinnamon rolls. ;-)

You got it, Livey. And BOY oh boy, we needed it. I can't believe how long it's been since we had any real time together. Seven months? And before that, I had him all to myself for 3 months in a row, recuperating from the triple bypass and pacemaker surgery. OH, he was a mess. I get all spoiled by having him around after things like heart attacks and spinal fusions and rotator cuff surgery. And then? Off he goes again and it feels like forever. Except this time it actually WAS! heh!

Nancy, one day I'll have an opportunity to make some niiiiice sin rolls for you...and then, because you have much more self-discipline than I do, you probably won't eat even one. Not even one with no frosting. But I sure would love to feed you one.

Pretty Lady, that's exactly how I would do it, myself. But we are very different in some ways, Walter and I. I can't imagine him handling his routine that way. The showers aren't always available; while he does stay at truck stops when he can, often enough he overnights at a rest stop instead. No showers at all. To run anywhere near the place where nunerous trucks are idling could kill him within a week. Diesel fumes have now been linked not just to cancer and allergy/asthma, but to heart attacks. Yoga? hee! I just now looked at him and asked; and he growled at me to leave him alone.

Jean. he's still here for now. And from here on out, he'll be coming home much more often. We had some talks about all that. I'll fill everyone in pretty soon.

And thank you! I sort of wonder how a *plain cooking* type show would go down. Not to mention, I'm not nearly as consistent a cook as I wish. I tend to burn things too. Plus, I make a big ol' mess of water on the floor. No matter what I do, I can't seem to help it. Just ask Livey. She saw.

But I do love food, good food, healthy food that also tastes good. Natural food. That bit about all that so-called *healthier* food, like foisting margarine on poor unsuspecting dupes? argh!!! So my version of *healthy* food would be in direct contrast to the established *norms.*

DC, that's fascinating, that you can actually tell the difference. How much cinnamon is in those capsules, do you know? I'm very curious. I haven't surfed up the available info on cinnamon regulating blood sugar, but I think another study must have been done recently, because I heard several mentions on the news a few months ago.

Desert Cat said...

I believe they're one gram capsules. Yes, I don't get the sugar rush and crash (or at least much attenuated) if I take them.

k said...

One gram. Now I get out the postal scales.