Wednesday, October 24, 2007

RIP: Hurricane Wilma, 10/24/05

This is what my house looked like after being hit by Hurricane Wilma.

In the center of this pic, you can just make out the trunk of the queen palm. As I was live-blogging the hurricane, she was slowly but surely coming down towards the window of my home office, where I sit in front of the computer.

A neighbor checks out the damage. We all did a great deal of walking around looking and talking, checking on each other, helping where we could.

The queen palm finally crashed into the orchid tree, mangling it. Together, then, they slammed onto the roof. This is the debri blocking my front door. It's not clear in this picture, but a large branch of the orchid tree was precariously balanced on the edge of the roof right in front of the door.

Our FEMA guy triumphantly told me this was not considered a safety hazard, and we'd get no help from them in chainsawing it down so that I could get in and out of my house without the tree slipping off and falling down on me.

Here's what it looked like after some clearing had been done.

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