Sunday, November 04, 2007

Baby Gecko

What a CUTIE! Go ahead, click away, big it up. One pretty little lizard coming up.

This little one was hiding under my computer monitor. They're quite shy, and generally active only at night. They have a wonderful zig zaggy way of walking, and the patterns on their toes and back sort of scintillate as they run about all ziggy that way.

We have two versions here in Florida, both *exotics,* meaning naturalized critters that came from Somewhere Else. Once is pale tan, the other darker like this one. I believe we have the *Mediterranean gecko* here, but I'm too lazy to check just now.

People bought them, in years past, as natural pest control. We do get some bugs around here, right? Okay. So Florida is legendary for them.

Geckos living in your house gobble up any stray ants and/or palmetto bugs, silverfish, what have you. IF you have. heh!

And because you almost never actually see them, they don't trouble most people. Out of sight, out of mind, eats bugs, is cuter than all get out on those rare days you do see them?

Sounds like good Natural Pest Control to ME, anyway.


pepektheassassin said...

Awww. What a cutie! Babies are always cute, yes? They have house lizards in the Philippines, too, for the same reasons. They crawl around the walls, on the ceiling...but they are so quick you almost never see them.

My guy is home (but you already knew this), looking thinner, but pink. He doesn't eat much, and says he still feels weak and tired. He watched football all day today. (That would make ME weak and tired!) :)

Desert Cat said...

Unfortunately in my household they also make quick cat snacks. So my local geckos are only the outdoor ones smart enough to stay clear of where the cats can access them.

betsye said...

ah, this little gecko 'knew' just where to little gecko!!
geckos can live from 15-20 years.
some have a 'voice'...and make a squeaking sound...that seems to say, "gecko, gecko"...
i like to think that your gecko is a wonderful omen...of 'better days ahead'!!!


Desert Cat said...

The geckos sing in the trees around here after dark. I never heard them make a sound like 'gecko', but maybe I need to listen more carefully.

k said...

You know, miss assassin, this may actually be one of the species from the Philippines. Hmmm! One day I'll google them up and see what I find.

Pink is GOOD, it's SO good, isn't it!!! I love to see that come back and chase away that blue-gray thing. LOVE it.

heh! Me being a Most Decidedly Not Fan of Football, it actually may have exhausted me most of all. It gets rough, finding ways to stay away from it.

DC, my two were never any good at finding their own cat snacks. The most they would do is consider them toys. And since they were indoor/outdoor cats, they had a large selection outside too.

I'd know if they brought one inside because all I'd see is a little tail waggling out of a half-closed cat mouth. Then they'd politely give it up to me so I could put the poor thing outside again.

I won't say they gave it up graciously, but all things considered, courtesy was quite nice.

betsye, I had NO idea they could live that long! And you cracked me up with the gecko talk, because several months back, my Pops (Desert Cat is my blogdad) posted about hearing the geckos talking in the trees.

I was just stunned. I think I commented something like, Your geckos TALK to you?!?!?

And another thing? Lizards of all sorts have figured into my life, over and over, as very special fellow travelers...A good omen. Yes. That could very well be.