Sunday, November 04, 2007

And Now, For a Little Flower Power

I decided to take a day off from troubles. Walter's holding steady and I am too. My neighbor to my east just put up a brand new board fence, replacing the one Wilma ate. It's nice and it's pretty and it means I *get* a new fence for free, yes? I won't even discuss what the nasty workmen did to my pretty E. radicans (a ground orchid), lignum vitae tree, bougainvillea, and the odd bedding plant here and there. Nope. Not today, anyway.

No, I'm just going to enjoy my pretty day out in the yard. The flame lilies are blooming. Three orchids are, too.

Next Friday is *bulk day,* and I'm gathering up all the yard trash that accumulated during my absence, and maybe a few other things too. The old chain link fence of my east side neighbor's that was encroaching on my property since we bought the place in 1996. That would be good. I never said a word about it - or the fact that her old board fence was ALSO encroaching! - because I really like her. I didn't care all that much anyway.

I mean, sure, most people can use an extra foot of land down a 125' boundary. But all I was actually concerned about was that the bank might figure it out, and I'd be forced to ask her to cure my title defects by moving the fences. Now I don't have that hanging over my shoulder any more. Yay! Maybe I can toss out some more hurricane-damaged furniture too. I'm not going to repair it, and I took enough pix to make the insurance company happy. Time to get rid of what's left.

Blogger and gmail are having one of their periodic misbehavior fits, it seems. So I hope this will post okay, and that nobody suffered any Comment Eating Experiences today.

Not to mention - I hope everybody had a nice pleasant Saturday, too.

Cause it's time.

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k said...

Jean said...
As far as weather goes... I think yesterday and today (so far) have been the most beautiful days of the year!! Absolutely perfect!

Glad to hear Walter is doing well.
Glad, too, that Mother Nature is giving you so much beauty to enjoy.

My second dumpster will get emptied this week... and, a third will be left to fill. Progress :)

11/04/2007 11:15 AM

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k said...

Oh, Jean, that is FABULOUS news. I am so proud of you.

It's very hard to do that sort of thing, and I'd put your own situation at the far *hard* end of the spectrum. So, you GO, girl!

I'm doing something similar here. When I see all the stuff that's accumulated - me, who traveled so light it was nothing at all to move - I sort of shake my head and wonder what on earth was the matter with me.

Like: What WAS I thinking?

Big garbage day this Friday.

And weather like this just sort of delights us into doing stuff, doesn't it?

Why we moved here.