Saturday, November 03, 2007

More Flame Lilies

The flame lilies here are coming up all through a little border of kingsmantle. (Not the ixora kingsmantle, the Thunbergia erecta one. Blue blue blue.)

The vines are mixed throughout the kingsmantle, but only the vines at each end are blooming.

Having suddenly acquired some 1100 flame lily bulbs last year, I really had to think hard to find them homes. Here, I planted a good dozen or more around my variegated Euphorbia lactea v. christata. I bet you were just dying to know that guy's full name, huh? ;-) You can hardly see him, though, he's so covered with the little flame lily vines.

At different points of the flower's cycle, it has either a yellow margin along the petals' edges, or the petals are solid red.

Long ago, I fell in love with the flame lily's strange shape. The petals actually curve up and then backwards over the pistils and stamens - the flowers' reproduction apparatus.

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k said...

Livey said...

Will those flame lilies grow up here? I would love some.

11/04/2007 9:48 AM

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k said...

Nancy said...
I can't see the pictures!!!!!!


11/04/2007 12:49 PM

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k said...

Livey, I was wondering the same thing myself. Remember how amazed I was at how many tropical plants you have growing in your house?

The only thing is, if they're flowers, most of them won't get near enough sunshine to bloom. And this plant is one. Like the hoya you have in a hanging basket in the living room above The Little Prince's playpen window.

So while you could probably keep it alive by growing it indoors in winter and outdoors in summer, I think the chances of it blooming are near zero.

Nancy has some too, down in Houston, and hers haven't bloomed yet either.

What I would adore to see you do is get a collection of all different colors of columbine. That would be in its native type climate. You could probably get some quite good ones very cheap online.

Like that gorgeous blue one I saw with LL.

Nancy - Fixed it!