Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Home For This Holiday

Walter is still here. I'm glad. But he will be going back to work pretty soon now - the doc gave him his medical clearance. He almost went today, but he was feeling a bit unwell; and with tomorrow's holiday, there's probably not going to be a lot of trucking jobs for him anyway. So, home he stays.

We seem to have settled on having a Thanksgiving dinner without the turkey.

The trimmings are sometimes the best part anyway, right?

Plus, you see, I thought he'd be gone, so I didn't get a turkey. And people who scooter around and are easily stepped on, due to being close to the ground and thus less visible, are best off not shopping during crowded store hours.


We have a significant amount of smoked turkey hanging around from sundry cooking projects. All the fixings for stuffing - or will, when my bread comes out of the oven. Cranberry sauce? Just made a big batch. Green veggies...broccoli and artichokes, I already ate all the asparagus. Salad stuff.

If I get milk and graham crackers, then, we can also have some pumpkin pie (NOT Walter's favorite!), and rice pudding, which he loves; and tapioca pudding, which he likes and I love.

Heck. I even have an acorn squash. And a sweet potato, and a purple potato, a breadfruit, a pomegranate, and a persimmon.

Chicken drumsticks in the freezer, should we want fresh meat and a bit of gravy...

heh! Now I'm getting hungry.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, right?

Yeah, right. ;-)


Jan said...

Well, heck...what more could you want for a great Thanksgiving meal?

It all sounds good to me! :)

betsye said...

yep....your little thanksgiving feast sound yummy....and, how do you make 'that big batch of cranberry sauce'??...i do love cranberries!!!!

happiest holiday eve...and, it's especially nice that you will have a 'special someone' to share in this celebration!


Nancy said...

HEy betsye..cranberry sauce is dead easy.

Take a bag of cranberries, put them in a sauce pan. Add sugar, about a cup...splenda will work if you like it...

I like to add a cup of Orange juice and some slices of oranges too.

Cook the whole mess down until the berries pop and turn mushy. Taste and add more sugar if you like..I like mine a little tart.

You can either serve it as is, or you can sieve it through a strainer if you don't like lumps.

When it cools, it will jell on its own.


GUYK said...

sounds pretty good to me. sweetthing is fixin' a couple of cornish game hens with the stuffin' and trimmin's...I'll blow my diabetic diet all to hell and take a couple of extra pills tomorrow.

Livey said...

I'm so glad Walter is there for the holiday! I have a date with Mr Buzz!
Happy Thanksgiving! love yas!

Jean said...

Wishing you and Walter a most lovely day!

betsye said...

hmmm...cranberry sauce is THAT easy, huh??...i will make this for Christmas...
....and, i cannot IMAGINE...making 'stuffing'...*more smiles*...without lots and lots of CORNBREAD!!!!...then 'stuffing' becomes DRESSING...and, slap yer grandma it
let's keep in MIND, here...that i am cooking for a family of ONE...+ sir barkley the yorkie!!!

happiest, happiest thanksgiving...from betsye in chattanooga

k said...

Well, yeah, Jan. And if you're ever feeling like, *Oh, just for once I'd like something outside the traditional Thanksgiving dishes*, then I suggest a nice pomegranite or such. Right?

betsye, Nancy's got it down. I used Splenda in my own batch this time and it was really good. If you buy a bag of cranberries, chances are very good the recipies will be on the package. The *usual* kind, and often the one where you make a relish using oranges too. It's amazingly easy, one of the easiest dishes to cook, ever. And SO good fresh. And warm!

guyk, I hovered over the game hens and ducks and geese at Publix. The goose was $35.00. If I want to spend $35 on a bird, it won't be from Publix and it won't be frozen.

So...I caved, and got a cute little turkey instead.

I need to learn that extra pill trick.

Livey, I know I'm too late now, but YOU know I miss Mr. Buzz and wish him a happy Thanksgiving with you!

Jean, thank you. It was great. Having it be so unexpected was nicer, somehow. And he liked every single thing this time! Except I goofed up the rice pudding a bit. Oh well...

betsye, it really is that easy. I found my last year's proportions: 4 c cranberries, 4 c water, 1 1/2 c sugar or Splenda. Simmer for 20 minutes. All done!

Cool, huh?

I need to learn some different dressing recipies for Walter. I've never done the cornbread kind, although I had some in New Orleans that still mnakes my mouth water, remembering it.

Walter grew up on giblet stuffing. And one of the very things I can't endure the smell of, cooking, is liver. So he's kindly never asked me to make it his way.

I hope you and Sir Barkley had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. If he's grinning and wagging - or snoring? - then I'll lay down a wager that he did.