Friday, November 23, 2007

This Thanksgiving, I Ate a Purple Potato. And an Orange One. And the Regular Kind Too.


It's very late and I'm very tired. But I'm very happy too.

I not only made the Purple Potato...I broke down and got a little turkey. They had some less-than-10 # turkeys. Fresh not frozen. I mean...come ON.


The Purple Potato Man at Penn Dutch said they were purple all the way through.

I did not cook the breadfruit. We didn't eat the persimmon or pomegranate yet either. Or the acorn squash.

The purple potato provided enough entertainment all on its own. As you can see, the Purple Potato Man was right.

The red potato was white inside. Just like always. The sweet potato was orange inside. Just like always.

I guess the purple potatoes are always purple inside. See, I wouldn't know. I have never ever heard of such a thing as a purple potato in my entire life. And folks, this woman has seen a thing or two in her day.

The Purple Potato Man told me he'd eaten them once before. He said they reminded him of beets, the color. So he said it was, perhaps, psychological, but to him that potato tasted just a bit like beets.

Not to me. It tasted exactly like regular potatoes.

Beets? Nah. Poi. The mashed purple potato looks a lot like poi, IMO.

The turkey and dressing and gravy and mashed potatoes - white and purple and orange - and the broccoli and corn and cranberry sauce -

were all good. Walter even said, VERY good. That's sweet music to my ears. He never says things like that unless he means it.

The rice pudding, well...I ended up overcooking it and he didn't like it any more. I'm still experimenting with that recipe. At least this time I didn't try to use basmati rice.

OH! And the pumpkin pie I didn't try yet.

Hold on a minute.


I hope all y'all had a wonderful happy Thanksgiving too.

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betsye said...

happiest day after...
...and, i love the way you celebrate 'ones' gives a certain, hmmmmmm....'extra-special-ness' one purple potato, one 'exactly ripe' pineapple or 'treasure' life at its 'simple best'...i learn from this...i DON'T need to do a 'whole' bunch of sweet potatoes...or...for in doing such a 'major amount'....i lose something...a 'bit of that extra specialness'...
it's all in the celebration...and, each time i 'smish my nose to this screen'...and, 'hear' your 'celebration in simplicity'...i learn...much about life and the 'dance'...


Livey said...

I've never heard of a purple potato!

Jan said... had the most colorful Thanksgiving! All the colors of the different fruits and veggies look so pretty!

I don't blame you for not passing up the fresh turkey!

When I was a little girl, my grandmother made the best rice pudding, and after that my mama did, but neither of them ever used recipes, so I don't know how to make it the way they did..I do remember that it had raisins in it, though, and was delicious!

sue said...

Glad you had a good one!