Saturday, November 24, 2007

Purple Potato Pancake

Yes I did.

I made the leftover mashed Purple Potato into a Purple Potato Pancake.

Following the diabetics' call to Never Eat a Naked Carb, I mixed the mashed potato up with lots and lots of cheese: extra sharp cheddar, parmesan, and gruyere, coarse grated, with the gruyere mostly on the outsides of that pancake. No cheese in the world browns quite as nicely as gruyere, to my taste anyway.

Then I fried that sucker good and brown on both sides. It stuck to the pan just a bit here and there - now that I threw away all my no-stick pans - but honestly, just a bit. Not bad. Where it did stick, it unscraped itself fine with the spatula. The metal (not rubber or plastic or other questionable materials like in the ones I threw away) spatula.

Seeing the pancake be purple was every bit as gigglish as peeling it and mashing it was.

Then I sat down and ate the whole thing for lunch.

Boy, was it GOOD!

I ate it so eagerly I didn't even get a pic. Sorry! Please to forgive!

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Turkey Day Leftovers just as much as I am. Including: If you don't enjoy them, don't eat 'em!

And I also hope the resounding sound of silence across the internet means you're still sleeping it opposed to getting stomped on by the shopping frenzied madding crowd.

Unless, of course, you do that for the fun of it.

Just in case anyone forgot, for a moment, how my life priorities are ranked.


betsye said...

hmmm...potato pancakes. VIOLET purple pancakes!!

and, the paler ones, *white*, are a real southern tradition. i dice a bit of onion (garlic could hide in there, too) beaten egg + flour for 'firming the mixture', season with salt + pepper and, anything else you like...and, fry in hot oil...the cheese sounds good, can also dust the pancakes with a bit more prevent sticking...before the frying...

sweet potato pancakes are good, too...adding a bit of sugar/splenda + cinnamon...pumpkin pie spice...or...made the same, with the exception of the garlic/onion..

so many wonderful things to do with the foods, huh??? wonderful, wonderful food(s)!!!

Jean said...

hehe...only you, k. Only you would think to make purple potato pancakes. AND make them sound so good! I am impressed : )

Nancy said...

We (Hot Stuff Niece and I) braved the shopping hordes to score a couple of much wanted and deeply discounted gifts.

Still, your potato pancake sounds better...

k said...

betsye, I totally forgot about the egg and flour version! That would have been a good addition, under the circumstances.

It didn't come out nice and round and intact. But we scraped it off okay, and while it looked funny, still it tasted great.

Jean, one of the great blessings of my life is that I'm so easily amused.

Nancy, I actually went out on Saturday, myself. Luckily, by the time we did - late afternoon - everyone else had gone home.