Monday, November 26, 2007

Roundup Needed: Send All Available Good Thoughts, Positive Energies, Prayers, Whatever You Have...

Most of my fave fellow bloggers may have noticed I haven't been by in a while. Between dodging Walter's incipient heart attacks, both of us being out of town for so long, and me doing a massive paperwork project here, I've been putting up with the withdrawal symptoms and a keeping my fingers crossed that everyone's okay.

They are not.

After I found out what I did this morning, I went through my entire blogroll for the first time in ages, just checking to see if anyone else was in trouble with health issues and such.

They are.

First: Walrilla, our beloved half walrus/half gorilla of a man, is back in the hospital with another case of cellulitis. I gather from his post that it's in his stump. The same one that stubbornly refuses to heal enough so he can get his prosthesis and start running around on two pins again.

Not long ago, he discovered a bone chip almost as large as a penny festering its way out of his stump. I find this outrageous. Little did Walrilla know, his doc had NO experience doing amputations. Perhaps this is why he left a big bone chip hanging around in there. Aren't they supposed to xray the thing after they're done sawing, make sure they aren't leaving random bits floating around where they aren't wanted?

Not to mention, I was NOT happy with the wound healing treatment he was getting. Maybe it's just me: but to hear he wasn't slathering that stump with Silvadene every day made me nervous. When you're prone to infection, as Walrilla very clearly is, they should be considering some serious antibiotic treatment if he's not healing right.

Today, he's getting an MRI to see if the cellulitis has infected the bone itself, a condition called osteomyelitis. This is a very serious problem and could result in his losing more of the bone in that leg.

So please, all of you who've noticed this very fine man's spirit and generosity, send all the good thoughts, prayers, however you do that - send him all you have. He not only needs it, he has actually earned it.

In the process of finding out what's going on with him - Nancy had alerted me - I realized that Kenny (Coffee in the Morning) not only had both knees replaced recently, his much-loved bride had a bad 911 experience the day before Thanksgiving. This culminated in getting her gall bladder out on Thanksgiving eve. Kenny got to hobble around on his new knees to get her rescued. Good grief! Please include him in your thoughts and prayers as well.

It looks like Mick (Beware the Aspergantus) decided to set the fashion trend on this gall bladder thing. He just got his out, too. Folks, I did that a few years back, and it was no picnic. For some people it's not that bad any more. They do it with laparoscopy these days, instead of cutting your whole midsection open. It used to require 2 months hospitalization for recovery. Granted, it's better today. Still, it is major surgery, and usually extremely painful during recovery. So HE could used some of those good thoughts and prayers too.

Those are the major ones. I noticed a fair amount of boo-boos and other incidents in that blogroll roundup, and some bloggers on hospice. For now, I hope we can concentrate on seeing those four get better for us, okay?

Y'all have to CUT THIS OUT. Stop scaring me. Get. Better. Now.


AspergantuS said...

K, Thank you so much or the good thoughts. I am fine, released by the doctor this afternoon and I'm returning to work tomorrow.

Bless you.

Kenny said...


thanks, Things will get back to normal someday I am sure. I will go see the doctor Thursday morning concerning my right hip and the pain it is causing and the major road bump in my recovery.

Dazd said...

I'm back from my mini-vacation. So stop worrying if'n you were.

k said...

Aspergantus, YAY! I'm so glad to hear that. Gall bladders are a pain in the side. Going back to work can be a blessing after that.

kenny, on Thursday I have a *doctor day* too, and my thoughts will be with you then. I sure hope they can fix you up. I hear the physical therapy on that knee surgery is pretty brutal - just like the shoulder surgeries my Walter and most of my family have to have. It keeps the surgical site from building scar tissue or with physical therapy, they sort of rip the tissues half to death when they try to heal, to prevent scar tissue buildup?

Something like that, anyway. Something awful and torturous, that makes you think they're just doing it to be evil, and it can't possibly actually help you one bit.

Let us know how the bride's doing with her gall bladder. She and Mick (Aspergantus) must have had them out within a few days of each other. Mine was a pretty bad one, in 2002. The recovery went on for several months, and it still jabs at me sometimes. So I have huge amounts of sympathy for gall bladder surgery patients.

dazd, when I checked in on you, you looked like you ran off to have some fun, rather than to jump into the nearest hospital and have them pop out your gall bladder, or do a heart cath, or cram you full of killer antibiotics and fluids and so forth. As long as you were actually REALLY having a mini-vacation, and that wasn't a cover for top secret hospital stuff, then I won't worry.

FUN I never worry about. Nope. I'm all about having fun.

Yes. Everybody stop getting sick and have FUN instead, please.