Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Roundup Update


Aspergantus says he's recovered enough from his gall bladder surgery that he's going back to work today.

That's one down.

Kenny says his legs are still messed up, but he's seeing the docs about it. No word from him on the bride's gall bladder surgery recovery. But in a comment on his latest post, he says she's home. That's good, right there. Once they let you out of the hospital, you're (hopefully) on the mend.

That's one holding, and one waiting to hear but probably okay.

And Walrilla himself? He's home.

Home home home.

He's still scarfing down diverse antibiotics. But it looks, again, like his infection is regular staph cellulitis, rather than MRSA. The docs cultured the germ, and he sees them again in early December. On the downside, just when he was about ready to get his prosthesis set up, the swelling and changes in the stump means he has to wait all over again. I guess they can't fit it until it goes through the proper shrinking and shaping, and that can't happen while it's all riled up with infection.

Meanwhile? He has a new endocrinologist. He's also switching hospitals. Now he'll be going to a teaching hospital. And that, to me, sounds like an excellent idea.

This last one still a bit dicey, perhaps...but on the other hand, maybe more hopeful overall - in the big picture - than before.

That's all four. Getting better all, it looks like. Okay. I feel better.

Now: I'm still wrapping up this blasted paperwork here, so please, I hope NOBODY out there decides to have any more gall bladder attacks, or terrible infections, or complications from surgeries, or heart attacks, or ANYTHING.

Not till after the holidays. There's a time and place for everything.


Is this what happens to you, reading this, when I run around having rude health episodes myself?


prettylady said...

Yes, it is. I've been on the road and unable to check in on blogs very often, but when I get to a computer the first thing I do is check in on you and on my friend who has been diagnosed with PLS/possible MS and is shopping for wheelchairs. Can't leave you people alone for a week.

k said...

You know, it does seem that every time you take a few days off, all hell breaks loose.

I've been noticing that.

At least you don't leave hurricanes in your wake like DC does. I saw that Hawaii survived his trip with no apparent disasters. What a relief.


prettylady said...

Thank you, dear k! But I refuse to believe that I am personally responsible for holding the world together by my presence or absence in the blogosphere. That would be unforgivably narcissistic, as well as neurotic.

k said...

Your avatar goes exceedingly well with that particular comment, my dear!

k said...

It really is so good to see you back. Have you seen Desert Cat's parentcats' new kitten yet?

prettylady said...

Yes, I have! I watched the video with Desert Cat in it--much as I like kittens, I like my human friends better.

Jean said...

Fortunately, I am not dealing with any major drama right now.
I did, however, just today...had full dumpster #2 taken away and an empty #3 put in the driveway. heh.

Nancy said...

Is that what we go through when you're having health issues?

in a word.

YES. stay

k said...

Oh, watching Desert Cat with cats - now that was sweetness, there!

And while I, too, like my human friends best of all, I must admit the little kitten tugged on my now-catless heartstrings more than I'd expected...

Pretty Lady, clicking (bravely) on his videos inspired me to dash back to your house and click on yours too - the one from the blogger art show. That was great! May I assume, from the crowded noisy happy room, that it was a success?

Jean, yours was one of the blogs that soothed my rattled concern level when I hit it again. Dumpster #2 is GONE!!! And #3 is ready to fill? Wow! You're SMOKIN' out there! I'll try. But you too, okay? AND Pup, and your mom. And make sure HSN doesn't get any fool bad health ideas in her head, go trying out some of this stuff for herself.

Desert Cat said...

Just for the record, I look exceptionally shaggy in that video. That was four days beard growth, because I didn't bring my shaver with me that weekend. I'm usually much cleaner-shaven in the non-beard/moustache areas.

Except on long weekends, of course.

Desert Cat said...

And re Hawaii, yes that tends to suggest it was just a series of freak coincidences after all.