Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baby's Doing Better

I was so exhausted last night I couldn't sleep. And that's me, far away from the action, only a peripherally involved great aunt. I can only imagine what his mom and dad and the grands and the nephew are feeling!

I went to bed around 6am and woke up at 1:45. This time I didn't sleep with the telephone. I found a message from my nephew, B, on my answering machine, left there at 1:25. Perfect timing!

I'll paraphrase the message: --He is a beautiful baby. I just got back from the hospital, went to see him. He didn't have any more episodes over the night, with the breathing, so in all likelihood it was just him being, you know, new at the whole breathing thing and needing to figure some stuff out.

I had only one sip of espresso before I called him back.

The nephew says Mama asked the doc an important question, and the doc answered that there's no increased risk for SIDS. None.

It was nephew B's first in-person visit with the little one. B told me, just now, that where the baby's pix were good to see, they didn't have a noticeably powerful affect on him.

But sitting next to the baby in NICU? He said he could have just sat there for hours, looking at him.

Uncle B. Got a nice ring to it.

Uncle B. Aunt L.

I told him, --That baby will be one of the most loved babies around.




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