Sunday, December 30, 2007

Have I Mentioned How Much I Love My Orchids?

Having become singularly unfashionable in this, my Old Crone stage of life, I know nothing whatsoever of feng shui.

But reading this and that in other people's blogs and comments has reminded me of some things I used to know. Things in keeping, perhaps, with that feng shui approach.

Such as: It's important to surround myself with beauty. It's how I am. I'm happier that way.

There's nothing wrong with it, either.

Working along through the Great Paper Chase here, I decided to bring in some orchids as they bloomed. A certain Harvard study tells us that having blooming flowers, real ones, in our house makes us happier.

I definitely agree. And they were only talking about regular-type cut flowers.

Time to one-up old Harvard, there.

Yes. I know the antique fan got knocked a bit off kilter. It'll live. I love having it on the wall above my big wood work table. Especially with an orchid or two under it.

This flower spike is in a very nice stage of blooming. The oldest blossom (at the very top) is just folding up; the newest one (lower right) is still a bud.

Different orchids hold their flowers in very different ways. This one makes a flower spike (aka a raceme, or inflorescence), and its individual buds are borne on opposite sides of the raceme.

Every orchid I've ever seen has a face. A lovely little face, looking at us, often a bit shy.

They make excellent company.

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Jean said...

Beautiful orchids, k!

The little face in the pic on the bottom.... heh... to me it looks like a grim Chinese dancer in white face-paint. Or, something like that :)

Nancy said...

I thinks she looks like a lady, dancing with wide flung arms, as if she's about to twirl into the night.

betsye said...

"If thou of fortune be bereft
and of thy store thou hast but left
two loaves, sell one and with the dole
buy hyacinths to feed thy soul..."

~james Terry white~....

i like's kinda my 'life song'...and, i love reading your thoughts...


Jean said...

Betsye, that's beautiful!

pepektheassassin said...

Beautiful! (I see a pretty blond horse with a rose-colored nose...and spots).

Happy New Year, k!

AspergantuS said...

Happy new Year K...

k said...

Wow! That WAS beautiful, all of you!

Nancy? You have this profound innate feeling for flower form that I've noticed many times before. This time? Holy smokes.

Dancers. Horse. Motion.

Let me explain how striking your comments were to me.

This orchid is a type of Oncidium. Another much-loved one goes by the trade name of Gower Ramsey. And like many other oncidiums - it's popularly called:

Dancing Ladies.

And without even seeing it in motion, you guys saw that.

Usually, it's because of the way they move. They dance on their raceme, when the wind blows or when you move them. It's a very pretty effect. Charming.

But obviously there's more to the "dancing" metaphor than just how they move.

Nancy, you already know I'd love to see you grow orchids. And they're much easier than you may think.

miss assassin, I'm not sure how orchids would do in Utah because of the dry air. That's one of the most difficult things to deal with. I've known some people who did well growing them in the bathroom, because the air there tends to be humid. But even then, having a skylight made all the difference. Most of them need sunshine too.

Jean, do you grow orchids? You could certainly do well with them where you are. You might enjoy them. They are art, Nature's art.

Those grim-faced Chinese dancers? For some reason, they both take my breath away and crack me up.

And here it just occurred to me that I feel the same way about orchids.

Hmmm. And cats.

HMMM. And bloggers!

HHHMMMMM. And commenters!

betsye, that was amazing. Thank you. You continue to surprise me.

aspergantus - Happy Happy to you too! And it's nice to see you updating your blog. I mean - Fishin' is important. But we miss you if you don't pop in from time to time.

sue said...

I've never had orchids, although I've had other house plants. You're getting me inspired to try, tho'!

Beautiful fan, too!

Happy New Year, K... to you and Walter both! I hope 2008 brings you nothing but good.

the Sapphire Cat said...

your orchids are stunning! thank you for brightening my evening.

happy new year!

k said...

sue, that fan is one that you and Jean and Nancy might all like. It was handmade in the mid-1800's, as far as we can tell. It's particularly fine for its type. Maybe I'll take some closeup pix and post about it. It really is a work of art.

We got it for $40 at the local big thrift store. They'd just put it out for sale. One of the rare times they goofed. They've gotten a little too good at noticing the really special stuff instead of just assuming it's always junk.

And do grow orchids! You obviously have what it takes. There are so many you can grow inside with surprisingly minimal fuss - mostly on a par with other house plants.

They are FUN. So many different kinds it's absolutely incredible.

sapphire cat, nice to see you again! And you're certainly welcome. I'm glad you like my babies.

I think I'll start posting more pix of the different ones as they blooom.

And Happy New Year to you, too!