Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Are you doing anything special tonight? I'm not.

I never did, really. When I was younger I used to call this *Amateur Night.* Not a safe time to be out and about, with many people drinking to excess who usually don't.

It's not that your average *Pro Drinker* isn't dangerous. Nope. It's just that the amateurs are even less predictable.

So I may stay up to watch the ball drop - another time-honored activity! - or, I may fall asleep. I like to see the year change over. It's fun. Generally speaking, I just don't get extremely revved up about holidays. But I do like them.

Tonight I'm still awake and it's around 11:30 here in Florida. For now, I'm watching marathon reruns of To Catch a Predator. I love that show!

So...since I didn't write that long post describing what a unique and wonderful year this was - and it really was! - let's see if I can make the rounds and tell everyone *Happy New Year!!!* before that ball drops.




Jan said...

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, my dear k..!

You know, I have never been much of a celebrater..celebrator? either, as far as going to parties and such, but mostly just celebrate, quietly, at home.

My sweetheart is working tonight, so we will do our kiss over the phone! :)

I love you, my dear, and I hope the new year will bring nothing but good health and happiness to you and your dear Walter!

Kat said...


Granny J said...

The Max cat & I are celebrating a very quiet New Year's Eve... I've talked to my Aussie Bro who celebrated last night! May you and Walter have a wonderful New Year in the months ahead!

Northwoods Woman said...

Happy New Year! Btw, Mr Buzz still has a loaf of your bread and he said it's the best bread he ever had!

You were a big part of making 2007 special for me. Here's to making 2008 even specialer!
Love ya!

Nancy said...

A safe and Happy New Year to you dear K.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, K.

I rarely go out on New Years Eve any more. Too many idiots to deal with. The only exception is if a close friend invites me. Otherwise I just prefer a quiet evening by myself.

Kenny said...

Happy new Year

Pretty Lady said...

Happy New Year! We went out, briefly, but came back home before midnight, because home was so much nicer than Out.

k said...

Thank you, jan, kat, granny j, livey, nancy, morris, kenny, prettylady, ALL! See, I knew I wasn't the only one at home! hee hee!

Ah, yes, Jan. That phone kiss bit. We do a LOT of those! ;-)

That's it, really - It's not that I don't celebrate, it's just that home is a fine place to do it, and a quiet celebration is no less a celebration than a noisy one.

And good health and happiness right back atcha, my dear, for you and for yours.

You too, Granny J! When I left my *Happy New Year* at Morris's it occurred to me that I was WAY late, there!

And Livey, yes, YOU too, very much. I'm so glad Mr. Buzz still has some bread! And sometimes it's the older ones who appreciate it the most - they remember what it was like, years back.

Safe, Nancy. Safe and happy. YOU, way too, you and 'Pup and HSN all.

Well, Morris, even back when I was out and about in the world, it was hard for friends to convince me to go out for New Year's. You're more giving that way than me, I guess! Even when young and partying hard, for New Year's I loved it quiet. Now? I don't mind the fireworks in the background, as long as I don't get bottle rockets shooting by my windows.

Pretty Lady, when home is "so much nicer than Out" - that's when you know it's really and truly Home.

The best place of all. Ever.

sue said...

We actually have friends who got MARRIED on New Year's Eve ( a few years ago). Other than their wedding, we always have stayed home on NY. When the kids were small, it became 'their night'. I would get shrimp cocktails, and make all kinds of munchies - like I would if we were having company, but THEY would be the company! It was the one night they could stay up as late as they wanted and have all the pop they wanted and eat all the 'good' stuff. We have continued that tradition even tho' the kids are grown and gone, but find it interesting how much our kids still remember those nights...

I said it on the last post, but again, Happy New Year, K!

DNR said...

Things have been kinda crazy over at my place. So, please accept my very belated Merry Christmas. Hope it was a great one. And a somewhat belated Happy New Year. Here’s to a great ’08!!

Thanks so much for your kind and caring words. I’ve read through the comments for Gary several times the past week, you should know that they have helped. Again, thank you

k said...

Sue, that New Year's tradition you had sounds absolutely marvelous! I mean, WONDERFUL.

And getting married on New Year's Eve seems like the best, most sensible reason to party hearty for New Years that I've ever heard.

My parents were married the day after Christmas. That's close, and it was a beautful wedding...close, but no see-gar.

A very happy one back to you, Sue. I hope this year runs a little smoother for you. And feels better too.

Oh, DNR, I never stand on ceremony for that stuff. I had a great Christmas and New Year's both, me. Very quiet, which is fine by me. For Christmas I got a visit from my guy, home from the road for a few days. That was precious.

If anything I said may have helped in your loss, I'm glad of it. You give so much to everyone else, DNR. People like you? You're so giving, and so caring, and so full of thoughts of others, that we may tend to forget the real human man behind that great generosity.

You have your own heart and life and needs too. This loss was a particularly large one, and I am really sorry about it. Glad to hear you're finding some comfort from us here in the 'sphere. I bet a whole lot of people feel for you, maybe more than you know.

I hope you have a wonderful '08, you.